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Affordable and easy surveying with GPS​

Land surveying is important for a lot of civil engineering and infrastructure related projects. With a GPS measuring rod you can get a centimeter accurate position of cables, pipes, trees, fields and more.

  • Measure the existing situation, revisions, including height measurements. Calculate the size of a piece of land or see how much material you need for the project. Use your local coordinate system, with X, Y and Z coordinates.
  • Stake-out points, lines, or complete pieces of land
  •  Easy-to-use – Usable and accessible for everyone. Everybody can use it.
  • A complete package, ready to start – Including everything you need to start directly. Combined in a complete package.


Among other things, used for:

Ingeniería Civil

Cables y Tuberías




Así es como puedes usar el UNI-Complete


Precisión centimétrica
3D Data X,Y,Z
Puntos, polilíneas y polígonos
Longitud, superficie, perímetros
Puntos de control en tierra
Capas y atributos
Control de altura y ubicación


Puntos, polilíneas y polígonos
Construcción completa, carreteras, agua, diseños de infraestructura
Coordenadas manuales
Lista de puntos
Control de dibujo de diseño

Diseño y construcción

Dibujos en AutoCAD
Reportes PDF y CSV
Abrir y modificar el diseño DXF
Diseño vs As-Built en el campo
Mezcla y combina
Mide nuevas situaciones
Dibuja en el campo

Cualquier disciplina

Infraestructura y construcción
Agua y tierra
Carreteras y vías fluviales
Drenajes, alcantarillas, telecomunicaciones, servicios públicos
Tierra, jardínes, árboles


Montado en un vehículo
Montado en una máquina o UAV
Proporciona base RTK para Drones
Control de maquina
Medición automática
Mide áreas rápidamente

UNI-Complete para comenzar a medir inmediatamente


The most universal GNSS receiver available. Receives GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZNSS, and SBAS to get you a CM accurate position with every new pipe, cable, or whatever you want to measure.


The easiest surveying software available for everyone. UNI-Connect works on any device with a browser and WiFi, you're easily ready to go!

UNI-Cloud y Soporte

Gets your data from the field to your (home) office in real-time. Connects to the UNI-Cloud API and provides you with remote and phone support, whenever you have a question for us.

UNI-RTK Premium

With hundreds of base stations all over the world, UNI-RTK Premium gets you the centimeter accurate correction data you need when you measure, or stake-out.

Poste, Tableta y Soporte

These keep you going. A weatherproof Android tablet to generate new data under all weather conditions, a two-meter carbon fibre survey pole, and a mount to hold your tablet.

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