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Hasta André Rieu hace encuestas digitales.

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August 2022


Many improvements and extensions to the UNI-Solutions this time! For example, you can now export attributes per layer or all-in-one with DWG and DXF, or an export with text annotations in the measured layer.

Furthermore, volume, surface, ánd length measurements are possible in the UNI-Cloud and you can read more about the V2 version of our UNI-GR1 measuring sphere below.

We have lots of cool events coming up, where will we see each other? You’ll meet our team during;

  • Demo Drinks at the InfraCampus in Harderwijk (NL), September 8
  • De Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte(Trade Fair for the Public Domain) in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (NL), October 5-6
  • Demo Drinks at the InfraCampus in Harderwijk (NL), October 13
  • INTERGEO in the Messe in Essen (GER) October 18-20
  • bauma in the Messe in Munich (GER) October 24-30

Unfortunately, we were unable to have André Rieu survey himself. But the more than 8,000 seats for the concerts at ‘t Vrijthof are staked out with the UNI. You can read how that’s done in this newsletter!

Even before the UNI-Collect surveying app is released to you, we have already come up with dozens of new functions. And of course we want to have those finished and tested yesterday, but we need help with that. Will you join our team as a full-time App Developer?

Equipo marXact

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Export attributs per layer with DWG and DXF

Actualización de UNI-Solutions

Recently, it became possible to specify how to get the attributes and height/name annotations into your DWG or DXF export. When selecting the desired file type during the export, you could already choose whether or not you want to show the text per point as well as the attributes and height, now you can also do that in the measured layer!

Furthermore, nice new features from the testing phase have been rolled out to users. This includes

  • Easier cleaning of your UNI-Cloud database thanks to faster removal of large projects and objects
  • The handy preview of your data before you start the import
  • Mediciones de volumen en la nube UNI
  • Mediciones de superficie en la nube UNI
  • Medidas de longitud en la nube UNI
  • Mejoras de estabilidad en la actualización 4G
  • Puesta en marcha más rápida del UNI-GR1

You’ll find the most recent Blog destacado del viernes on our website.

Handy surveying with the V1 and V2

V2 versie

The V2 version of the UNI-GR1 digital receiver is a wonderful new thing, we have talked about this before. This version has integrated modified and further developed hardware already, including the possibility of USB-C charging and 4G internet. The battery has a longer duration too.

Of course, we makesure that all current (V1) models can be used in the coming years. Updates are also made for this, languages are added, new functions developed, and questions can be put towards our Support team.

marXact at bauma 2022!


From October 24-30, you will find our team at bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany. With digitization and sustainability as pillars for future constructions, we are very excited to show visitors how digital surveying combines just that! See marXact machine control in action for a week there!

As our colleague Rody says: “marXact has users working successfully in more and more regions and countries, proving that digital surveying yourself knows no borders. It’s time to show the construction industry that again, we are ready!”

You can read more about our bauma plans on the website.

If you’ve read the July newsletter, you know that we’re going to another fair in Germany. From October 18-20, you will find us at INTERGEO in Essen. Which of these fairs will we see you at?

New Demo Drinks on September 8


The next Demo Drinks will be held on September 8, they’re right around the corner. This is where you have the chance to participate in a comprehensive digital surveying course where you learn how to survey yourself – completely free of charge!

At the end of your training, you know what digital surveying and staking out with GPS can do for your day-to-day tasks and overall organization. We offer the following courses that day:

  • 9:30 - 12:00 Clientes y usuarios no existentes
  • 13:00 - 14:30 Clientes y usuarios existentes - 1
  • 15:00 - 16:30 Clientes y usuarios existentes - 2

The course takes place at the InfraCampus in Harderwijk. Click aquí para información e inscripción. ¡Nos vemos allí!

Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte 2022!


In addition to all the events in Germany, we also participate in the Trade Fair Public Space in Utrecht – De Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte. This is the event that brings the Dutch government and organizations working in the public domain together.

Our team can be found at booth 2.2.02 on 5 and 6 October, where they will tell you what digital surveying offers when working in public spaces. They will also show you the first version of the UNI-Collect surveying app!

You’ll read more about this fair on our sitio web.

Over 8,000 chairs, André Rieu?
Euro Tec got you!


We did not succeed in pushing a UNI-GR1 surveying pole into the hands of André Rieu, they were occupied with holding a violin unfortunately. Priorities, we get it. 

What did work was creating a story with Euro Tec, they are responsible for the more than 8,000 seats during his ‘t Vrijthof concerts in Maastricht, NL.

“Existing points and markings are often present at locations such as ‘t Vrijthof, but you want to prevent that you can no longer find them. This is already possible because such a visual marking gets removed. With this system, you also have the option to have such landmarks digitally with you, which is very handy!”

App Developer wanted

Noticias de empresa

Even before the UNI-Collect surveying app is released to customers, are we already adding many new functions to our to-do list. That list is now longer than a child’s wish list for Christmas, time to be able to cross off a lot!

We need extra power to do that, that’s why we are looking for a full time App Developer! Click aquí to go to the vacancy on our website.

2022 marXact B.V.

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