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Volume for fieldworkers!

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Release Update – January 2022

Esta es una actualización mensual de marXact para nuestros clientes.


As a UNI user, we want to help you to get the most out of your receiver. We hereby send you the Release Update mail for December, and tell you everything about the features and improvements that become available during this month. 

We keep you informed about new functions and possibilities, conveniently collected in one comprehensive mailing, and on a monthly basis. In these mailings, we tell about what becomes possible and what improvements have already been implemented.

We combine these releases and updates and how they’ll improve your digital surveying experience in monthly updates: these Release Update mailings. This edition is dedicated to some exciting new features that are coming your way shortly and bigger projects we have started working on. In this first edition of 2022, we provide an update on the transition from 3G to 4G, you can read more about volume calculations, you get a preview of synchronizations, and we look forward to work that we will start soon.

Feel free to forward this e-mail to colleagues who survey with the UNI-GR1 and/or process data in the UNI-Cloud, so that they are also informed of what’s to come or could register for our upcoming Demo Drinks on February 10th.

Equipo marXact

marXact - marX su posición Xact

+31 (0) 70 700 7917 – For more help, see the UNI-Support base de conocimiento

3G naar 4G

Earlier we told you about the change where 3G is no longer the standard for internet access and speed, but 4G will be. You have already read that we ensure that you and your work are not affected by the phasing out of 3G in the previous edition.

This month, we can tell you that there will be a special order page in the UNI-Cloud where you can order a hardware upgrade free of charge soon. We use 1 upgrade per UNI-GR1 that you have in your possession. You will also mention on this page to which address it may be sent, perfect when that is a different location than your billing address!

This page will go live in February, after which the upgrades will ship in mid to late March, in time for the 3G phase-out. This allows you to survey digitally quickly, easily, and without any problems!

Preparing volume

We are also working hard to develop a much-requested feature: volume calculations. You could read that we studied the possibilities and which of them suits you as UNI users best earlier on.

We are actually developing creating this feature as we speak. Within the UNI-Cloud Survey environment, it will be possible to calculate volume in addition to other measurements such as length and surface, which offers you the opportunity to get even more out of your UNI-Solutions! And also: this feature is reflected in the UNI-Cloud API, allowing API users to connect to their own software when they use our open-source library. This is how you create your own work process!

Project preview during syncing

Yes, okay. We’ll admit it. We’ve already offered you a look into the progress of the project import/export optimization for a number of Feature Fridays in a row, but there is just so much happening! From February on, it is therefore possible to use a project preview when you want to import.

You’ll be presented with a map showing what you’re planning to import. When all information is displayed correctly and the preview matches what you need, choose import. This way, you can immediately see whether it will be successful or whether you have to make some adjustments before you import, instead of afterwards.

Subsequently, it will be possible to choose in the preview which layers and thus objects should or should not be imported too, all created to make surveying easier for you!

Reminder: update UNI-Connect

We launched a new UNI-Connect version around the holidays. A version in which several bugs have been solved, with which you work more stable, and have an even better connection with the UNI-Cloud. A lot of work behind the scenes, but a good example of the work we continue to do for you – also on existing possibilities.

To give you an idea, the processes in the UNI have been optimized in such a way that the UNI “at rest” has gone from 60% processor usage to 10% to 20%. You will definitely experience this in the speed of the software and therefore the usage positively!

Have you not updated UNI-Connect on your own UNI-GR1 to this version yet? Don’t wait too long, because after updating, your receiver will be 4 to 5 times faster in various aspects!

¿Qué pasos debe seguir? usted ¿Necesita tomar?

No mucho, si somos completamente sinceros con usted. Todas las actualizaciones se realizan de forma automática y mientras usted está topografiando sobre el terreno o preparando tareas en la oficina. Es posible que tenga que apagar y volver a encender su UNI-GR1, pero sólo cuando la actualización se detiene inesperadamente. Después de volver a encenderlo, ya está listo.

Próximos lanzamientos

We have more releases coming up, including the brand-new UNI-Collect survey app, expanding the UNI-Cloud project measuring and editing possibilities, the ability to draw points and lines in the UNI-Cloud, and additional coordinate systems. More on this in future Release Updates!

El mes que viene le enviaremos un nuevo correo electrónico lleno de información sobre las nuevas funciones y mejoras, para que usted también pueda aprovechar al máximo estas nuevas posibilidades.

Soporte UNI

Como siempre, puede contar con nuestra ayuda siempre que lo necesite. Póngase en contacto por teléfono utilizando +31 (0) 70 700 7917 cada vez que utilice UNI-Support y/o consulte el extenso base de conocimiento para consultar las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes.

You can also sign up for our Demo Drinks! Our signature event is back and we are able to teach you all about these new features in person on February, 10th. 

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