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oktober 2021

Dura Vermeer herstraat Hoofddorp dankzij marXact en Infrakit

  • 5 min read

Just like the stones in your garden, the pavement in your neighbourhood needs maintenance too. These are maintenance projects on a larger scale that involve a lot of stones, data, and responsibilities. Over the next two years, Dura Vermeer will be working on repaving an entire residential area in Hoofddorp, Graan voor Visch. For this, they use a unique marXact… Lees verderDura Vermeer herstraat Hoofddorp dankzij marXact en Infrakit

Een nieuwe UNI-Support stem: Tommy

  • 2 min read

Personal support when you call us, remote assistance to let us actually see what your question is about, and the possibility to send us your feature request. As a UNI user, you are probably well aware of our UNI-Support possibilities and how they help you achieve the ultimate digital surveying experience. We value those conversations highly and we want you… Lees verderEen nieuwe UNI-Support stem: Tommy

Zelf digitaal inmeten voor de GWW-sector

  • 4 min read

This article has been published by GWW in August 2021. Affordable, easy, and accessible Bridges and dikes, bicycle paths and roads, cables and pipelines, and a fibre optics connection too. From adjusting an existing situation to creating a new one, knowing the centimetre accurate position is important. Dutch marXact will help you with this. From now on, you can survey… Lees verderZelf digitaal inmeten voor de GWW-sector

Feature Friday - Nieuwe projectenbenodigdheden voor de UNI-Cloud

  • 4 min read

We have made it our mission to make digital surveying available to every field worker out there. To create the best possible personalized surveying experience for all of them, with handy tips and tricks, connections with other apps or software, and new feature releases frequently. We’re going to combine these releases and updates and how they’ll improve your digital surveying… Lees verderFeature Friday - Nieuwe projectenbenodigdheden voor de UNI-Cloud

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