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Pre-order by filling the form below and be one of the first to start digging with UNI-Machine

Pre-order UNI-Machine

Pre-order by filling the form below and be one of the first to start digging with UNI-Machine. 

Important to know: The moment you fill in this form determines the place of your order on the waiting list. You are free to cancel your order if we have not finalized your order and planned installation yet. You will then however lose your place on the waiting list. Two months before UNI-Machine is ready to install on your machine, you will receive a call from marXact to finalize your order after which an invoice will be generated and installation will be planned.

Pre-ordering also gives you access to exclusive e-mail updates as well as invitations to demo, feedback and test-moments.

Make sure all necessary details are completely filled out before you hit send. An e-mail will be send automatically with further information. Next to that you receive regular and exclusive e-mail updates on the progress of UNI-Machine and will be invited for test moments.

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Please fill in your details and click send to be redirected to the download page of the AutoCAD Drawing, CSV File or PDF Report example of your survey data.