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februari 2023

Feature Friday - Maart 2023

  • 12 min read

We are back with another blog to inform you on our latest developments! A new year, means new exciting developments. Our developers have been hard at work to create an even more user-friendly environment to access and use our UNI-GR1 with the UNI-Collect app. We begin this year in the testing phase, where our clients will help us flesh out the… Lees verderFeature Friday - Maart 2023

Nieuwe Werknemers - Februari

  • 7 min read

This month, we are happy to announce two more new talents joining the team! Both the marketing and development teams will be seeing a new face. Read on for a quick interview to get to know Nikki and Kevin! Development Nikki This enthusiastic rocker turned coder has joined the development team to assist with our upcoming project, the UNI-Collect app… Lees verderNieuwe Werknemers - Februari

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