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Zelf digitaal inmeten werkt als een zonnetje

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This column was previously published by VHG Magazine in April 2022. VHG magazine is a publication of the Royal Association of Gardeners and Greenproviders. By Jeroen Methorst Digitally surveying your garden This year more applications were received from gardeners than in previous years. Actually going on holiday was difficult in 2020, but bringing the holiday feeling home, garden and balcony… Lees verderZelf digitaal inmeten werkt als een zonnetje

Digitaal inmeten voor GWW en gemeenten, Jac. Barendregt doet het

  • 3 min gelezen

The people behind Jac. Barendregt have been working on many Dutch excavation, road building, and hydraulic engineering projects for decades. They now use the UNI-GR1 digital receiver for centimetre accurate data during the preparation and implementation of these projects. We asked John Barendregt and our own Mustafa Cakiroglu about their experiences with this device. A family business with specialties “We… Lees verderDigitaal inmeten voor GWW en gemeenten, Jac. Barendregt doet het

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