Which NMEA messages does the UNI-GR1 support?

For now, the UNI-GR1 supports the following messages:

GGATime, position, and fix related data
GSAGPS DOP and active satellites
GSTPosition error statistics
GSVNumber of SVs in view, PRN, elevation, azimuth, and SNR
HDTHeading from True North
RMCPosition, Velocity, and Time
VTGActual track made good and speed over ground
ZDAUTC day, month, year, and local time zone offset

This data can be sent at 1Hertz, 2Hertz, 5Hertz,10Hertz, and 20Hertz just as seen below:

You can set these settings within UNI-Connect -> Profile. It will become available once you select Bluetooth, Serial or Micro-USB as an position output method.

Check out more about the different position outputs here.

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