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How do I connect my UNI-GR1 to the UNI-Cloud?

When delivered, your UNI-GR1 is connected to your UNI-Cloud tenant. However, after a while of use it can happen that you are disconnected from the cloud because of a bad internet connection, or after an update or a reset. This has to do with safety and authentication of the UNI-GR1 and the UNI-Cloud and in this case you need to re-authenticate. With the below steps you can determine if its an authentication issue and how to resolve this.

First of all, your UNI-GR1 needs to have a stable connection with the internet. This can be WiFi or 3G mobile data. Make sure you are connected with one of the two. You can simply check this within UNI-Connect’s statusbar.

In case the UNI-GR1 has an active internet connection, open the menu and go to the main Settings in UNI-Connect, scroll down to UNI-Cloud and press top open the UNI-Cloud setting screen. In this new window we will see more details on the current state of the connection with the UNI-Cloud

If you’re connected with the internet by WiFi or 3G, there is no connection with the UNI-Cloud and the “Connected” indicator marks a red cross it’s very likely that you have to authenticate the UNI-GR1 to your UNI-Cloud tenant. Within a couple of seconds in to loading the UNI-Cloud page within UNI-Connect, the UNI-GR1 will notice that you need to re-authenticate and within that same screen you will see the UNI-Cloud login button appear as showed in the example below.

Are you connected with a WiFi hotspot or with 3G internet, the Connected status marks a red cross and there is no UNI-Cloud Login button appearing on the page within a minute? Please call our support line on 070 700 7917 for more help.

Press on the “UNI-Cloud Login” button. By pressing the button, you will come in to a new browser tab, just like in the picture below. Fill in your credentials you received from us on the packing slip when your ordered UNI-GR1.

After filling your credentials, click “login” and leave the tab open/active. Now the UNI-GR1 will link to your UNI-Cloud tenant with a unique token and starts authenticating with the UNI-Cloud. During this period the LED-ring on the UNI-GR1 will spin blue. This can take up to roughly 10-20 seconds and when it’s authenticated, you will see the LED-ring flash solid blue once which indicates that the UNI-GR1 is authenticated and connected again to the UNI-Cloud. You can now switch back to the UNI-Connect tab where you will see that you are connected like in the picture below.

Followed all the steps but the status does not change to connected on the page within a minute? Please call our support line on 070 700 7917 for more help.
Last updated on 19/07/2020
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