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Past Events

Demo Dranken buiten overzicht

Demo Drinks 25 oktober 2019

  • 2 min read

Ook de derde Demo Drinks was een groot succes! Het aantal bezoekers dat steeds weer opduikt blijft groeien, we kregen dit keer zoveel aanmeldingen dat we de bezoekers in 3 ploegen moesten verdelen! Het team wist de bezoekers te informeren over RTK GPS surveying en hen in de buitenruimte te laten zien hoe ze de metingen moeten doen. En... Lees verderDemo Drinks 25 oktober 2019

Intergeo beursstand

marXact op InterGeo 2019!

  • 4 min read

“Cool design”, “Amazing how many channels the device can handle”, “UNI-Cloud looks handy, will definitely try it out”, “The UNI-Connect app is very user-friendly”, “Nice work guys!”: are the reactions we heard the most from visitors at the marXact booth when they saw our products. What a great experience was Intergeo 2019!  We gave many demonstrations to enthusiastic visitors. People… Lees verdermarXact op InterGeo 2019!

beurs intergeo stand en team

marXact op InterGeo 2018

  • 1 min read

“Innovative design”, “What’s that light for?”, “Cool design”, “It looks like an UFO!”, “I’ve never seen this before!”, “Now that’s something new!”; are definitely among the most heard reactions of visitors at the marXact stand when seeing the UNI. And we truly enjoyed hearing them at Intergeo 2018! Just as much as we enjoyed talking to our visitors and discussing… Lees verdermarXact op InterGeo 2018

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