Demo Dranken buiten overzicht

Demo Drinks 25 oktober 2019

  • 2 min gelezen

Ook de derde Demo Drinks was een groot succes! Het aantal bezoekers dat steeds weer opduikt blijft groeien, we kregen dit keer zoveel aanmeldingen dat we de bezoekers in 3 ploegen moesten verdelen! Het team wist de bezoekers te informeren over RTK GPS surveying en hen in de buitenruimte te laten zien hoe ze de metingen moeten doen. En... Lees verderDemo Drinks 25 oktober 2019

Intergeo beursstand

marXact op InterGeo 2019!

  • 4 min gelezen

“Cool design”, “Amazing how many channels the device can handle”, “UNI-Cloud looks handy, will definitely try it out”, “The UNI-Connect app is very user-friendly”, “Nice work guys!”: are the reactions we heard the most from visitors at the marXact booth when they saw our products. What a great experience was Intergeo 2019!  We gave many demonstrations to enthusiastic visitors. People… Lees verdermarXact op InterGeo 2019!

MyCumulus & marXact

  • 2 min gelezen

Mycumulus is a cloud-based service that has been released by ADW software. MyCumulus is a combination of an app, a website, and utilities. Users can create their projects, create forms, collect or update data on android devices. They can view this data on the MyCumulus website. The application allows users to measure positions and those measurements are processed directly in… Lees verderMyCumulus & marXact

UNI-GR1 Demodranken

Demo Drinks - 30 augustus - Een succes!

  • 2 min gelezen

Our second demo drinks on August 30 was a great success! In fact, the number of visitors had doubled compared to last time and we want to continue that flow! We succeeded in satisfying the participants and exciting them with the new UNI-Connect survey tool. We managed to attract the interests of visitors in a fun and participating way which… Lees verderDemo Drinks - 30 augustus - Een succes!

vangogh amsterdam marxact

Van Gogh Amsterdam & marXact connected

  • 3 min gelezen

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam Connected with Cocon FieldWork and UNI-GR1 Last Friday we have put the new way of measuring in to practice, simple and fast at a beautiful location in Amsterdam. To prepare the van Gogh museum for the digital future, new glass fibre internet connections have been laid and directly measured with the measuring of the future; the… Lees verderVan Gogh Amsterdam & marXact connected


UNI bij GNSS Democentrum Hanoi

  • 2 min gelezen

We are very proud to announce that the UNI-GR1 is now part of the GNSS Demo Centre at NAVIS in Hanoi, Vietnam. Enabling everyone in South-East Asia to check out the most universal GNSS receiver. NAVIS is an international collaboration centre on R&D in satellite navigation technologies at the Hanoi University of Science & Technologies (HUST). Its work and expertise… Lees verderUNI bij GNSS Democentrum Hanoi

Heijmans logo

Heijmans en de UNI!

  • 2 min gelezen

Measuring while the ground is still open and having anyone in your team measure the work. It’s what the infra and construction world is screaming for and with the UNI-GR1; Heijmans is able to do it! And who better to tell you how they do it, than the lead surveyor himself? Check out the video; Heijmans chooses software that fits… Lees verderHeijmans en de UNI!


GeolinQ & UNI-Cloud

  • 3 min gelezen

GeolinQ is a no-code, web-based, software solution to collect, link and publish spatial data in an efficient and flexible way. Almost any application varying from managing data, doing inspections, data warehousing, reporting, map portals, data delivery validated to formal standards etc. can be configured in GeolinQ without any programming. Data from various sources are linked by data models and is immediately… Lees verderGeolinQ & UNI-Cloud

UNI-Cloud Api-logo


  • 3 min gelezen

Did you know that with the UNI-Cloud API, you can completely integrate your UNI-GR1 GNSS receiver in your own software? Now you know! Next step is knowing what that means for your company… And that is virtually anything! Cause when having the centimetre accurate position of the UNI-GR1 integrated to your own systems, you are in control of what you… Lees verderUNI-Cloud API