Surveying with GPS | Demo Drinks | December 9

Free GPS surveying course

The new standard in surveying and stakeouts is GPS. Curious about how digital surveying and performing stakeouts with GPS works? Or are you a (new) user of the UNI-GR1 and ready for a refresher course? Come visit our monthly Demo Drinks at Thursday December 9!

For whom?

Anyone interested in surveying and performing stakeouts with a GPS receiver. It doesn’t matter what field you work in.

Allowance and costs

Knowledge of (digital) surveying and performing stakeouts is not necessary. You can also bring your colleagues and/or friends. The course is completely free.

Course description

– The functioning of and the applications of a GPS receiver
– Explanation of the UNI-GR1 GPS receiver and the survey software, UNI-Connect
– Surveying in practice. Think of measuring cables, bow sinkers, fencing, trees, and more
– Stake-out in practice. Stake-out points, lines and polygons with the measurement software, based on a (digital) drawing
– A drink and a snack after the course. The chance to ask all your specific questions about digital surveying.

Also good to know

– The emphasis is on surveying and performing stakeouts. So practical
– The course is small-scale and takes place in small groups
– After completion you have laid a good foundation to indepently survey with GPS


08:30 – #1 Non-Existing clients and users FULL

10:30 – #1 Existing clients and users

13:00 – #2 Non-Existing clients and users

15:00 – #2 Existing clients and users

New to digital surveying and not an user of the marXact UNI-GR1? Then the course for non-existing clients is the course for you. In case you are an existing user please bring your UNI-GR1 in order to make the most out of the course. During the course, the UNI-GR1 receiver will be used, together with the UNI-Connect survey software and the data exported to the UNI-Cloud.

Where does it take place?

The location is at the Infra campus, in Harderwijk. The course starts with a short introduction inside. Not long after, we will continue the course outside, on the Infracampus.


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More information?

Send an e-mail to or call 070 700 7917


Dec 09 2021


08:30 - 16:30

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