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Easy and affordable digital surveying in Belgium


Register for a demo near you, free of charge

From 16-20 May, we will tour across Flanders to give introductionary yet extensive digital surveying courses in 5 regions. Make you accustomed to easy-to-use hard- and software to digital survey centimetre accurate data yourself. 

Completely free of charge, you only need to register for either the morning or afternoon session because seating is limited. We start by giving some context to digital surveying, before we go outside where you will experience its ease yourself. Afterward, we will export your surveyed data to the UNI-Cloud to give you the full experience.

Dates and locations

We will visit your region during the days below.

Monday: Turnhout

Tuesday: Antwerp

Wednesday: Ghent

Thursday: Mechlin

Friday: Essen

Courses start at 9:00 and 13:30


This is what some of our clients say

 "Desde que compramos el UNI-GR1 podemos trabajar de manera más eficiente y mucho más precisa. Gracias al buen alcance, el control y el uso del UNI-Cloud, todos nuestros contratistas y planificadores pueden hacer levantamientos muy fácil, realizar replanteos y compartir la información después".
vanheteren weg- en waterbouw logo
"He medido algunos trabajos con el UNI. Mi experiencia es que funciona de manera muy simple. Trabaja rápido y puedes crear fácilmente nuevas capas en el acto. No proceso los datos yo mismo, pero mando el archivo a la persona que lo hace y él puede hacerlo de manera fácil y rápida".
A.J. Hoogendoorn jr.

O contáctanos directamente

Correo electrónico:

Durante estas horas

Lunes - Viernes 09:00 - 17:00

A selection of our Belgian users

Axcis Architecten

Putting the UNI to use for their architectural designs and projects

Van der Linden Tuin- en Landschapsarchitectuur

Provides designs and necessary advice for all sorts of landscaping and maintenance projects, using their UNI-GR1 for accurate data. 


Leveling the ground and/or putting sewerage into it. TEGOS does it all, with the help of the UNI-Solutions.

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Project Sample Download

Please fill in your details and click send to be redirected to the download page of the AutoCAD Drawing, CSV File or PDF Report example of your survey data.