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New Hires – February

  • 7 min read

This month, we are happy to announce two more new talents joining the team! Both the marketing and development teams will be seeing a new face. Read on for a quick interview to get to know Nikki and Kevin!



This enthusiastic rocker turned coder has joined the development team to assist with our upcoming project, the UNI-Collect app as their main project. Furthermore, they will be working on the continued stability and improvement of the code in the survey software, making sure our users benefit from continued improvements and performance! Who is Nikki? Let’s ask!

In five sentences, who are you?

Nikki:   “I have always been really interested in both arts and technology, but when pursuing my music career, it was difficult to engage in my love for technology. So, while finishing my musical education, I decided to pivot and prove I could become a software developer through self-study.

After a year of hard work, I started my new professional career as a backend developer. My passion lies in mobile development, as it combines the technical and artistic aspects of development. Still, I continue to improve my skills every day!”

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Nikki:   “I play in two bands called VALENTINO and IDLE EYES. It is difficult to put most modern music into genres, but it is all very 80s inspired. Think the Cure, the Smiths, that sort of music. My main instrument is bass. However, for IDLE EYES, I do a bit of everything, as it’s a two-piece aided by a lot of electronic wizardry. With VALENTINO we are currently finishing up our first full-length album, so keep an eye out for that!”

What are you proud of?

Nikki:   “That I have managed to learn coding and development within a year of self-study. Against all odds, I have managed to climb the ladder and have proven that I am a good coder, which has paid off with my new opportunity at marXact! I am proud of this accomplishment and look forward to continuing this path.”        

What will you be adding to the team?

Nikki:    “Two extra hands on deck! I will use my experience with Flutter and two years of backend development to be a well-rounded addition to the marXact dev-team. I am extremely happy that I have found my dream job as a developer for the UNI-Collect app at marXact. Together, we will make the app a success!”

What do you hope to learn at marXact?

Nikki:   “I am determined to use the extensive knowledge and experience available at marXact to boost my skills, both as a mobile or Flutter developer, as well as a well-rounded software developer in general. I also find it amazing how almost everything at marXact is built from the ground up. I love learning about this internal design process, and how to launch it into the World.”

It seems that the development team has found a great addition to make our UNI-Collect a success! Nikki will work their magic on the code together with our other keen developers. Any words from the team?

Ishdeep, Software Developer“We would like to welcome Nikki to the team! We’re so excited to have them join us as our newest developer for UNI-Collect. It’s great to see such a diverse background, a self-taught software developer with education in music design. They bring a unique perspective to the table, and we can’t wait to see what they will create.”



A new marketing intern has arrived! With his broad knowledge and problem-solving mindset, Kevin will be contributing to the marketing team in a variety of tasks, among which this very blog! As his main project, he will investigate entering a new market and potentially a new industry for the UNI-GR1, as part of his graduation thesis.

In five sentences, who are you?

Kevin: “I am a Dutch/Italian International business student with a major in Latin-America. I can be described as creative, passionate, kindhearted, and innovative. My previous experiences have made me persevering, and I am always eager to learn more.

My interests lie in history, culture and business development among many others. Through my studies and travels, I have learned a variety of languages, which are often useful both in business and life.”

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Kevin: “My interests are very broad; I like to seek out new experiences. Naturally, this puts travelling high on my list. I love walking through nature, but I can spend just as much time exploring ruins, museums, and restaurants in cities. Although, nothing beats a relaxing day at the beach.


I enjoy being with friends, to talk; eat; party or watch a film. Speaking of films, I act too! I have performed in some amateur plays and have been exploring the craft as a hobby since a few years. Perhaps you will see me in a theatre or film one day! Other hobbies include cooking, mostly Italian food, and playing video games.”

What are you proud of?

Kevin: “I have had some personal difficulties throughout my life that I have been able to overcome. I am proud of this and believe I have become a more resilient person for it. I am also proud of the diverse skillset I have developed.”

What will you be adding to the team?

Kevin: “I have successfully completed a marketing and HR internship before, and have worked with multiple cultures and languages, especially during my time in Colombia. I have also worked in sales and customer relations/support.

My holistic way of thinking will hopefully help marXact’s current marketing activities, as well as ideally find and set up unexplored aspects within the company. Business aside, I hope to add my big smile and happy energy to the welcoming atmosphere here at the office.”

What do you hope to learn at marXact?

Kevin: “MarXact is in a completely different industry than I have previously worked in. I look forward to learning how to market such an ingenious product and service. I have mostly worked with business-to-consumer marketing and sales, so the business-to-business approach is interesting to me to work in. Moreover, we utilise different software that I have not needed to use before, which is a great learning opportunity. Finally, I look forward to delivering a thesis that will be of use to marXact and graduate.”

Any words from the team?

Nick, Marketing Employee: “Welcome aboard, Kevin! I am glad to say we have gotten ourselves a fresh new addition to the Marketing department. Kevin will bring a new perspective we have never had before. That is what makes the company grow. I hope he feels right at home and has a great start! Lots of luck!”

Those were the new hires for this month! When you visit marXact, and see them working, say hi!

Stay tuned for our next new surveying champions that join the team, as we will make sure to update you in the next edition. For other news, subscribe to our newsletter!


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