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marXact brings surveying and impressions to InfraTech

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This article has been published (in Dutch) by GWW magazine in December 2022.

InfraTech is just around the corner, just like the new year is. marXact from Hilversum has big plans for both when it comes to affordable and easy digital surveying. Co-founder Tommy van der Heijden told us what people can expect from their participation in the fair and the year 2023.

Directly digital surveying

marXact makes centimetre accurate digital surveying easy and affordable for every field worker who can operate a smartphone. They enable workers to measure their own projects and have them synchronized with their GIS tools immediately. As a result, companies from the infrastructure and other sectors work more efficiently, productively, and with more control over their data and processes. Continuously expanding those possibilities by doing so.

Machine control made easy

One of the new impressions that visitors can gain during InfraTech is of marXact’s own machine control, UNI-Machine. Van der Heijden: “The first introduction of UNI-Machine was during bauma, October last year. During the world’s largest construction fair, we showed what we are working so hard on. Visitors could see and experience how easy machine control can and should be, for example by seeing on a large screen what the view and interface are that operators have in the cabin – some people even took a seat in the excavator and experienced the entire process themselves! We can use these impressions and feedback during further development. In our view, the user is the force behind the innovation and it is very important to stop and listen to them. Listening to what they want and need, answering questions as best as possible.”

Those questions could not only be asked to marXact. “That’s right, Nijhuis Engineering Dronten BV was also present at our stand. UNI-Machine is a joint development, where we join forces to create a strong and easy-to-use solution. Nijhuis Engineering is a manufacturer of electronic security, limits, weighing technology, and controls. We are of course at home in digital surveying, from production to delivery. We started talking, both thinking that the whole thing should be easy and transparent, started developing, testing, and further development and are now aiming for the end of quarter 2 for the first deliveries.”

New surveying software

In addition to machine control, marXact will launch another new product on the market next year: the surveying app UNI-Collect. “This is the successor to our current surveying software UNI-Connect, which can now be used via an internet browser. By switching to an app, we can make updates more easily and you can measure in an area with little or no internet coverage better, to name two advantages. We are currently rebuilding all current features, but for the app. Then we get back to work with all the other ideas we have.”

Furthermore, marXact will release even more news next year, including import and expert options for users and additional layers and the associated support. Tilt and internal radio functions will also be launched next year. “We want to make digital surveying as easy as possible for a large audience and different sectors. These kinds of innovations and measurement options are part of that. We develop according to an internal roadmap that contains all our plans and ideas, which we have collected quite a few since our foundation in 2017. You cannot develop and launch everything at the same time, especially when you want to test and implement improvements properly. That roadmap is full of expansions and updates for that. The good thing for users is that they are always free of charge! That way you know exactly where you stand.”

Stand 1.214

If you want to know more about digital surveying and/or these brand new developments, you can contact marXact during InfraTech. “Visitors are more than welcome at our stand! That is where we can tell you more about our own marXact machine control, the new surveying app, but also discuss what your specific measurement needs are! All you have to do is drop by stand 1.214. There you will find the marXact team and we are ready to help you further!”

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