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Expanding the Development team

  • 2 min lectura

Christmas fell early this year, because we were surprised with a new asset to the marXact team! We’re lucky to expand the Development team even further this year with Rana! Both on the work floor and outside of work, she is always busy. Let’s meet Rana.  

Skilled in so many ways

Rana is interested in digital reading as well as in analog reading, and that seems to pay off. Not only does she have coding skills, but she is also able to understand 8 foreign languages among which French, Turkish, Russian and Arabic. 

Besides reading technical books, she also likes to travel. To be fair, who does not when you understand 8 different tongues. While travalling, she learned lots of diiferent recipes and dishes. Als a result, cooking became one of her hobbies as well! So she is not only expanding the Development team, but also her taste palette. Let’s hear what Rana has to say about her new team: “”Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” This is a quote from Amy Poehler and this is what I hope to find here. I’m up for the challenge and I am already warmly received within the team!”

Focus within marXact

During this year we launched lots of exiting Developments such as UNI-Collect and our Machine Conrol. Of course, these fantastic functions work best with our Cloud service. We recently updated the Cloud and that’s not all. We want to keep improving it and treat you with new functions and a clean design. That’s where Rana comes in. After the Development team got Rana up to speed, she is going to work on the online environment. Providing you with lots of cool features and an easy to use Could service.  

Keep an eye out

Of course this is just a small introduction to Rana and what she is going to do here at marXact. Keep an eye out for her and her work. Maybe next time you notice something new in the cloud, you think about Rana. Chances are she contributed to the new functions!  

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