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Oktoberfest, but just a little different!

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November is halfway done and still, we are still in the afterglow of October. Who thought you could do so much within 31 days! In this blog we give you a quick recap of all the event highlights in October.  

Well begun is half done 

October was all about the fairs planned this month. With that in mind, a fair looked like the best way to start off this month. On the 5th and 6th of October, Jürgen, Mustafa, Rody and Alessandro represented marXact at the Trade Fair Openbare Ruimte. Visitors to this fair could vote for sectors they found interesting. The fun thing is that our UNI-GR1 can be used in all named sectors! It had a reason why UNI stands for universal! 


Trade fair Public spacing 2022

Demo Drinks  

After the Trade Fair Openbare Ruimte, we continued prepping for the fairs to come. We had two more fairs in October, in Germany! But before we moved on to those, we first had a place in Harderwijk to attend to. On October 13th Jürgen and Mustafa were there to welcome some of our current customers. Every month, you are welcome to the InfraCampus in Harderwijk to ask us about anything regarding the UNI. If you have questions or just want to have a chat, we’ll be glad to meet you! You can just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’ll do the rest. The Demo Drinks are for current customers, new customers, and people who are interested in our products. Will you be there next month? 


On Sunday morning, November 16, the two-week adventure got underway! With a car and a van we left for Germany. The first fair was in Essen, INTERGEO was about to start with about 14,000 international visitors in the end! The first two hours were quiet, the calm before the storm. After that it filled up completely!  We spoke to so many different people who had an interest in our UNI. Current customers, new customers, partners, and even potential dealers who would like to spread our product in their own country. We really made the most of these three days! “I found INTERGEO to be an incredibly interesting trade show. It is very nice to be in contact with customers and dealers from all over the world. The diversity is enormous, and it is nice to be able to meet people in person. In addition, it is nice to see what is coming up in the market.” At INTERGEO we announced UNI-Collect, which is the app that is coming. You can download this for free, you log into the app with your own Cloud data. Soon you will be able to use your phone to easily and quickly manage projects. This brings us one step closer to our goal of making digital surveying easy and affordable for every fieldworker who knows how to use a smartphone. After three incredibly busy days we could break down the booth and get ready for the next trade show, but first a nice German beer!  


bauma starts on October 24. As we walked onto the grounds of the fair terrain the weekend before, we were all very impressed. 495.000 visitors from more than 200 countries were about to visit this fair in just seven days. It also took some time to get to our, yet to be built, booth. With over 400,000 m2 of outdoor area, there were plenty of machines to be impressed with. Finally arriving at our spot, it was time to build the booth. This time, the booth looked a little different, different than at INTERGEO. Not only did we have a bigger booth, this time we also had an excavator and even better, a partner! Nijhuis Engineering and marXact joined forces; together we showed the first UNI-Machine! The excavator we had was the first machine with the new machine control. Through a combination of the sensors of Nijhuis and our own GNSS receiver, we can determine centimeters accurately where the bucket of the excavator is located. We showed as it were the premiere of the machine control here at bauma, the largest trade fair for construction and mining equipment in the world. “And not without success, we too could not have foreseen that last week during our first bauma at the Messe Muenchen we received so many great reactions, feedback and pre-orders.” Beautiful words from our own CEO Tommy van der Heijden. 

Being part of a fair this big for seven days has been a great experience for the whole team. Besides working incredibly hard, there has also been plenty of fun. We believe that a good balance between work and fun is very important, as our schedule means we are stuck with each other for two weeks. During bauma, but also during INTERGEO, visitors had the opportunity to have their picture taken with a ‘friends of marXact’ photo frame. Everyone who took their picture with this had the chance to win their own UNI-Complete set! The winner was announced last week.  To this day we are still following up with everyone who left their contact information during INTERGEO and bauma. We are proud to have managed all these events in just a short period of time. The Trade Fair Openbare Ruimte, Demo Drinks, INTERGEO and bauma, all in a single month. Even though we just missed the real Oktoberfest in Germany, we really made the most of these two weeks with the team. With that, we are happy to close out this blog full of highlights. Tschüss! 

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