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Digital surveying yourself works like a charm

  • 3 min read

This column was previously published by VHG Magazine in April 2022. VHG magazine is a publication of the Royal Association of Gardeners and Greenproviders.

By Jeroen Methorst

Digitally surveying your garden

This year more applications were received from gardeners than in previous years. Actually going on holiday was difficult in 2020, but bringing the holiday feeling home, garden and balcony was a good replacement for many. But how do you properly prepare as a landscape gardener for all those extra assignments? Digitally surveying a garden will help you with that!

The cold winter months are far behind us, the days are a lot longer than the nights and you may have already had the first barbecue with family or friends in your garden. The sun is back! This brings in new customers, requests for custom garden designs and a tight schedule to get it all done. marXact helps gardeners and other green professionals to achieve this thanks to digital surveying.

Interested in digital surveying

Mustafa Cakiroglu is account manager at marXact: “Over the past year and a half, we have seen more and more gardeners, garden designers and other green professionals interested in digital surveying and the centimeter-accurate data they generate with it. There are all kinds of reasons for this, including a necessary digitization effort or the need to unburden customers from A to Z. That accurate data helps them handle and execute requests in the best possible way – from start to finish. That makes and keeps it interesting for this target group.

Mustafa Cakiroglu: ” Your quotes and schedules will be more detailed than ever!”

Using your own data

Many landscaping professionals choose to measure so-called ‘reference points’ with the UNI-GR1, the digital receiver from marXact. Cakiroglu: “Reference points indicate the boundary of a garden. Because of these points you know exactly what the boundaries of a garden or other surface are and you can see whether a garden is exactly straight or angled. Based on that information, you can make a design that fulfills the customer’s wishes – including any elements that must be retained in the design.

The self-collected data can not only be used for making a garden design. Your quotations and plans will be more detailed than ever and because you work out your plans more precisely, you can easily calculate how much paving, greenery and other materials you need. This makes the picture even more complete for clients.

Get started yourself

Have you become interested in the possibilities that digital surveying offers you? “We organize our own monthly Demo Drinks where you register for an explanation and training. A non-binding demonstration on location is also possible. Then you will experience the convenience of our hardware and software in a situation that is familiar to you. You cannot get a fairer and more realistic picture!

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