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5 years of marXact – the trick of the theme week

  • 5 min read

Five years of marXact is a reason to celebrate. What can we say, it’s a party! We will treat you to fun content that is related to our founding, our process to come, where we are now, and what you may expect of us in the future!

In this last blog, we talk with our marketing manager Jeroen about this theme week and how it came about.

Choosing a theme week

“If you look at it quite literally, the preparations already started in 2017, when marXact was founded. That’s a bit bland, of course. The idea for this theme week was born at the end of 2021, when we made our content calendar for this year. This is a document in which we indicate what we post on which day on our website and social media channels, a tool to ensure that we highlight all aspects of our company and UNI-Solutions equally well.

That’s when we saw that February 14th falls on a Monday, the first day of the working week. A week has 5 working days of course, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary, and that’s how the idea arose to pay attention to this throughout the week. Last year, our theme week was built around International Women’s Day, this year around our anniversary. Within our marketing team we have thought about and chosen the topics for the blogs, to let someone else speak every day too. Because marXact no longer consists of Raoul and Tommy only, we are so much bigger now!”

Celebrating together

“Within marXact, there is a lot of freedom to make your own choices and to decide in which direction we want to go with our marketing and communication, including this week. Certainly, Raoul and Tommy are the focus of last Monday’s blog and there is no other way! They started the company.

That does not mean that they knew about everything, on the contrary. We surprised them at the office on Monday. There were balloons and garlands, there was cake and champagne, and a video with short videos of us in which we congratulate them on those 5 years. We also gave them a present, a collage with photos from recent years. That was a lot of fun to do and organize! Mainly because they really didn’t notice.

And you never celebrate alone, but together. Together with our photographer Ezme van Ezme.jpg, I did a photo shoot in which we really put the UNI-GR1 in a party setting, you have already seen photos of this with other blogs. We have sent one of these photos to our customers and partners as a kind of postcard, to thank them for the past years. There were really, really nice reactions!“

A funny mistake

We can almost see you thinking, does everything go according to plan in such a preparation? “No, certainly not!” Jeroen laughs. “The plan was to drop the shell of a UNI into the cake, for a nice effect. We do everything a little differently at marXact and that is reflected in such an idea. Before I dropped the cake, Ezme and I did a neat test run. Looked at how best to drop the fake UNI and from which angle she could film. Just before we went for the real one, I decided to film myself. From above, so you could see that image too. That may not have been my best decision. All tests were two-handed, but I spontaneously decided to drop the case with one hand to film with the other. That didn’t go as I thought in my head, but it did result in a funny mistake!”

What now?

“Now it’s more ‘back to business’, back to our normal (marketing) activities. The (online) party is now really over and with it our theme week for this year. As a team, we are now going to work hard for, among other things, Vakbeurs De Groene Sector and the Infra Relatiedagen, multi-day trade fairs that will be held next month. But don’t worry, we will continue to treat you to unique behind-the-scenes and other fun ways to see the UNI-Solutions in action after this week too!”

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