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Claudette and Sander have joined the marXact team!

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As you might have read earlier, we value education highly. Ours, yours, and those of people that will join the job market soon. That is why we are very excited to introduce you to our two new colleagues Claudette Kirunda and Sander Westerveld, whom both have chosen marXact for their internships! Let’s get to know them a bit better, shall we?

Miss Marketing

Claudette joined our marketing team for her graduation internship, where she will be making easy and affordable digital surveying more well-known as well as writing a thesis. “My goal is to develop myself as a marketer, to become more experienced in that area. Choosing the right photos per medium – or organizing photo shoots-, as well as improve on my writing skills. marXact has such a different way of communicating and I want to make that my own!”

Sander at Sales

Sander became a part of our Sales team and uses this opportunity to gain valuable work experience. He is a student of Business Economics and eager to experience ‘the real world’ he studied at school. “I am most looking forward to learning about sales in all its forms. About what it’s like to answer questions over the phone or per email, attending demos given by my new colleagues and learning from their ways, and just the overall experience!”

New insights

As we stated in the first paragraph, education is very important to us. “I think that shows, both offline and online. Yes, we’ve published a blog about it a few weeks ago, but interns do get in contact with our customers, partners, and other parties. It makes their experience more ‘real’, which is something we always aim for. At the same time, these contact moments and learned knowledge give us new insights about our company and UNI-Solutions. Ultimately leading to meaningful contributions while they’re here, just as an internship should be!”, our Marketing Manager Jeroen Methorst says.

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