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International Day of Education

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Today, the 24th of January, is International Day of Education. On December 3, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution naming that specific date as International Day of Education, to celebrate the role of education and its role in (creating) a cultured society that is filled with optimism and opportunities. We value education highly within our own organization and Alex, Justin, and Sinem happily tell you how.

Education on a day-to-day basis

Our developer Alex fulfilled his graduation internship with us, focusing on optimizing our internal process resulting in a handy dashboard for all departments. But, more importantly, he has decided to stay on after that internship as a part-time colleague, combining marXact with his Masters. How does he experience ‘education’ with us?

“What I like about working at marXact is that it feels like we actually know each other. I think that’s because we all have an interest in our colleagues and what each of us is working on. We are able to actually walk over to one another when we have a question or would like feedback. Because of our different backgrounds and skills, we can learn so much from each other.  It almost feels like attending a mini-seminar at times!

That is what I have noticed with my graduation project as well. My supervisor Steven and I had meetings to discuss my assignment, the research I did to get to each specific point, and how to achieve the best result possible.”

Time to reflect

Last Friday, Marketing intern Justin had his very last day with us. As we all know, an internship is an important part of education. Here at marXact, we value interns and their learning curves highly and put a lot of efforts in making sure that they leave with a great experience and suitcase full of new knowledge.

Justin: “I’ve seen first-hand how education is a part of the marXact culture. Not just because of my internship, but I’ve seen it with educating customers too. We send release updates regularly, which inform users of the newest features and possibilities. There’s the knowledge base filled with answers to a lot of the frequently asked questions and, coming from my marketing perspective, are the Demo Drinks. These are monthly training days where current and potential UNI users sign up for courses to improve their knowledge of digital surveying and the UNI-Solutions. That’s such a great example of how marXact values education to me!”

Education in het Nederlands (in Dutch)

As a company, we offer our international colleagues the possibility to attend Dutch courses. We think it’s important that they are able to find their way home again, to speak figuratively. Ask for directions on the street, greet the cashier in the supermarket, and generally, follow Dutch-spoken conversations more

Developer Sinem attends monthly Dutch courses: “It is so nice to improve my knowledge of the language and see my progress. Now I can answer some questions in short sentences even though Dutch is hard for me. My native Turkish language is so different that it can be tough to make sentence structures differently for Dutch. I am in the same class as some of my colleagues, so it’s nice to be on the same level and practice together or with some of our colleagues who are born in the Netherlands!”

Educating you

As you know by now, education is important to us. Education in whichever way you like. We want to improve our own skill set and knowledge just as bad as we want to help you further.

Are you interested in some marXact education? The next edition of the Demo Drinks Justin mentioned, is on February 10th. You can sign up right here.

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