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3G to 4G; continue digital surveying with a stable internet connection! For free!

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As you might be aware, the 3G network is disappearing over time since 4G has become the new standard for internet access and speed. The phasing out of 3G will happen at different times in the upcoming months and has an impact on the UNI-Solutions since they make use of 3G and need to be made 4G ready.

So, what does that mean for working with your UNI-GR1 and other UNI-Solutions that are not 4G ready yet?

Spoiler alert: we are going to make sure that UNI users are not affected by the phasing out of 3G and will respond accordingly and timely by upgrading them to 4G – completely free of charge.

4G, the new standard

The 4G network is faster, safer, and more stable than the previous one, 3G. This has its effect on digital surveying with our UNI-Solutions that will be upgraded to 4G.

With the 4G technology, the general internet coverage and speed are better than 3G. This means that with the UNI-Solutions, you will work more with more speed and stability than ever-before. Improve on the time to get an RTK fix, sync your survey data with more speed, and have an overall better surveying experience.

The 4G network is more and more a standard worldwide, which means you will work smoothly on 4G with UNI-Connect and sync the data to the UNI-Cloud fast and accurate. Surveying and storing points, lines, and polygons is as easy as pie.

Stay connected with the UNI-GR1

The 3G network will be phased out globally. Exact dates vary per country, so you might want to check that to see when you are next. The transitions will be done automatically, so there’s no need for you to change settings on your mobile phone or tablet, for example. How convenient is that?

That’s a little different though in case you have a UNI-GR1 with the 3G modem. You might know that there’s a SIM card with internet access in it, one that connects your digital receiver to the internet and the hardware that uses that SIM card is unfortunately not 4G ready (yet). Yet, since we have great news to make sure it is 4G ready!

At this very moment, we are in the final stage of planning and logistics for a hardware upgrade to 4G for the UNI-GR1’s that now have a 3G modem, that keeps you working splendidly. And the best news of all; we will not be charging you any cost for this free of charge 4G hardware upgrade, nor for the maintenance or update costs!

Next update

As always, we keep you informed on new features and possibilities that require little to zero effort from you. Regarding this special occasion, we will update our UNI users around January 2022 regarding the general rollout which is planned for February 2022 for UNIs that are already used in the field. New receivers will be 4G-ready immediately as of then.

And as we said before and just like all of our hard- and software updates and small(er) repairs, this one will be free of charge of course.

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