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1-year marXact anniversary Jürgen & newcomer Max

  • 4 min read

Our team keeps growing here at marXact. This month, we celebrate that Jürgen has been with us for a year and that newcomer Max has settled. We sat down with account manager Jürgen Everts (left) and developer Max Floroiu (right) and asked someone with a year and someone with less experience about marXact and their impressions. Let’s see what impressions they have (had) of us.

Choosing marXact

Jürgen: ”I have worked a lot business-to-business in the insurance industry and I was ready for a new challenge. I have always had an interest in technical stuff and gadgets. That is how I found marXact. What really stood out to me, was that it was and still is a Dutch startup, however we have various nationalities. I think it is nice to hear (at least) three kinds of languages at the office.”

Max: ”The reason I moved to the Netherlands is that me and my girlfriend were searching for a school we could both attend. That is how we ended up in the Netherlands. I have experience with app development, so that fitted with marXact’ s customer base. I also like that it is a startup, it means you can make more of an impact.”

marXact activities

Max: ”My focus is mostly on the new mobile app UNI-Collect, to bring the UNI-Cloud and UNI-Connect on to a mobile app for easier use. I also will be working on the back-end. Of course, I will put work on the occasional bugs that get reported.”

Jürgen: ”My job is to approach leads and interest them in buying our products, if they are interested, I will provide them with a demo and delivery. At these demos, I will show how easy digital surveying can be.”

First impressions versus now

Jürgen: ”When I first came here, I had an immediate click with my colleagues. I noticed it was a small smart team that was very close. The humour also helps to create a fun working environment. After one year, I can certainly say that we may have expanded our team, but we are still working together as one team to bring digital surveying to you. Without the team at the office, I can’t do my job with the customers and I’m grateful for that.”

Max: ”Everybody was really welcoming and friendly to me. I could sense the startup culture. After being settled now I noticed how everybody is still very friendly and that you do not need to be scared to ask questions. You might suspect that because it is a startup you have lots of pressure but that is not the case. You can take your time to work on something that is wanted and how the customer wants it.”


Max: ”Do not be afraid to try new things and learn new things. Even things outside of your expertise. You can always ask questions to anyone about anything. Find something that you enjoy!”

Jürgen: ”Always keep an open and positive mind and as Max said, everyone can learn something from each other. Try to keep having fun and do not forget to bring in some humour. It may be a job, but it does not have to be a boring one.”

Fun fact

Max: ”I really love cooking and since I started, I am rather good at it. I would say my expertise lays with desserts, especially pastry. I have not tried a lot of Dutch food yet, but I had kibbeling for the first time and it was amazing, so we can add another foodie to marXact.”

Jürgen: ”I love things with decent quality, from gadgets to sneakers. I am what you could call a sneaker freak. I have too much to count and a lot are still sealed in the box. My favorite Dutch food is erwtensoep (Dutch pea soup). Since Max loves pastry, I would suggest trying a puddingbroodje (custard bun) and I promise to bring a lemon cake from Holtkamp Amsterdam, an amazing pastry chef!”

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