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How to use the KLIC viewer in the field

  • 3 min read

Since the first of April, it is mandatory to make a KLIC-report at the Land Registry (het Kadaster) when doing excavation work in the Netherlands. The KLIC data should be digitally available at the excavation location. This information is needed to prevent excavation damage to pipes and cables underground. With the KLIC-data, you are assured of the most recent information on location, which helps you prevent dangerous situations. In this blog, we explain how you can use the KLIC-viewer on your UNI-GR1.

Before excavating

Three to twenty days before you start, you should let het Kadaster know where and when you want to do excavation work. This way, you will have the most recent and accurate information on what lies underneath the ground. Your excavation work starts within twenty days after submitting your KLIC-report. This is to assure the accuracy of the data at the location. Het Kadaster asks for information about the location from the network operator. You will receive this information in a zip file through the mail. It is advised to load your KLIC-data to your UNI-GR1 a day before you start working, so that you will have all the information needed to start right away. You’re on location and the information is still correct? Good, now let’s start excavating.

In the field

There you go. Ready for a new day at work. You take the UNI-GR1 out of its case to start surveying. The KLIC-viewer can be found in the dashboard under Survey > Projects. This is the start screen where you fill in the KLIC-code you received in the zip file.

After filling in the KLIC Reporting Code, you will see all KLIC-data available at your location. Then, you can start your surveying work.

Are you surveying and you come across pipes and cables that were not mentioned in the zip file? Get in contact with Het Kadaster right away via the contact form.

Almost done?

Have you finished the surveying work for this project? Great! Have you placed new pipes and cables in the ground? Add these to the KLIC-report, so that the next surveyor working in that area will have the most recent and accurate data. The next surveyor in that area will probably see the following data on the screen with your most recent added KLIC-data.

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