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Feature Friday: Expanding the current possibilities!

  • 3 min read
Feature Friday – May 2021

We have made it our mission to make digital surveying available to every field worker out there. To create the best possible personalized surveying experience for all of them, with handy tips and tricks, connections with other apps or software, and new feature releases frequently.

We’re going to combine these releases and updates and how they’ll improve your digital surveying experience in monthly updates: these Feature Friday blogs. This blog is dedicated to providing new possibilities with features you already know and love, including new file extensions to the Import-Export possibility in the UNI-Cloud and a reworked API.

Expanding the Import-Export using the UNI-Cloud

The much-requested import-export feature is currently being rolled out. This functionality helps you to import points via the UNI-Cloud, after which they will be visible on all UNIs connected. Connected to each other via that same UNI-Cloud, where you can decide what project will be placed on what UNI-GR1. We have started this feature with CSV files, but we are expanding the possibilities.

We are currently working on importing and exporting new file extensions into this feature. We have mentioned DXF before, but DWG is coming shortly too! Keep an eye out on the import–export form these weeks!

Reworking the API functionality

We just took off on the API functionality, which will be expanded. This means that it will be easier for our integration partners, current and future, to connect their software to our UNI-Solutions and use marXact data. With this new feature, our integration partners will be able to retrieve entire projects, instead of just the live location. This means all points, lines, and polygons surveyed in UNI-Cloud can be transported both ways. Yes, both ways. The extended API possibilities also ensure that you can move data from their GIS tools to our system, it simply comes down to your preferred way of working.

Error logging and automated testing

Alright, we will admit it. This update is mainly for us, to support you to the best of our abilities. We are working hard on improving our logging and automated testing environments which provides us with more and more automatic generated notifications signalling that some bug crept into our systems. Combined with fully automated user tests, we can know in advance if you will run into trouble, and we can tackle the problem before you even notice it. This is more ‘behind the scenes’, but ensures a smooth working process.

What steps do you need to take?

Not a lot, if we are completely honest with you. All updates are done automatically and while you are out in the field. You might need to turn your UNI-GR1 off and on again, but only when the update stops unexpectedly. After turning it on again, you are good to go.

More releases coming up

We have more releases coming up this year, including extending the KLIC viewer possibilities by adding codes via UNI-Connect, a drawing tool, a brand-new survey app, new layer functionalities, and the completion of using your UNI-GR1 as a base rover. We’re also starting the groundworks to improve your overall user experience as well, more on that in future Feature Friday blogs!

So make sure you come back to to read all about our upcoming features and updates and get the most out of your UNI-Solutions!

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