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Attention to Alex!

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marXact is a young and innovative scale-up in the surveying industry. When we say young, we mean it. With an average age of 29, we are much younger than the average employee in this business. Our youth and knowledge of the online environment make us stand out from our competitors. This is partially caused by continuously hiring fresh graduates and (graduate) interns who keep us up-to-date on the most recent trends and developments, both online and offline. In this blog, we introduce Alex, our development graduate intern. What does it feel like working in this small company? How does he experience working together with internationals? This and many more questions will be answered in this blog, giving you the scoop on working at marXact as an intern.

How would you describe your position at marXact?

“I am working as the development intern. I work behind the scenes, making sure that the internal applications run smoothly. This way, my co-workers have a better overview of information and they can help customers more efficiently. The dashboard that I am working on to make that happen is also part of my thesis assignment.”

How did you find your internship?

“Through my university’s search engine. I found the vacancy and it suited my studies perfectly. Instead of writing mails back and forth, minding my spelling and grammar, I decided to call for a change – who knows what would happen. Steven answered, and we had a nice talk. He noticed that I was the first and only applicant who called him and that gave him a good impression of me. My tip is to actually call companies is you are interested in the job, just do it. Don’t sit back and wait for them to call you, just pick up the phone and be spontaneous. Employers like that, because then you will stand out from the rest.”

What was your first impression of the company?

“My first impression of the company was that everyone was very welcoming and kind. We work in a small, yet tight group of people who enjoy working together and learning from each other. I, for example, taught the others that one grilled cheese a day is good for everyone. All jokes aside, I feel respected and welcome. Whenever I have questions about either work or my assignment, there is always someone who is willing to help me. Now that I’ve been here for a while, I still feel like I have made the right choice. Especially now that I have an abstract version of my project ready, I feel like my ‘’product” can be helpful in the future.”

What do you think about your work environment, or (international) co-workers?

“It’s my first time working for a scale-up. Before I started here, I worked in larger companies with more departments or so called “levels”. There is less or nearly any hierarchy at marXact and you can talk to anyone within the company at any time. That is something I never experienced before. I like working in this company, because we are all around the same age and we can easily connect with each other. There is always someone I can turn to whenever I have questions. Everyone is open to ideas and input and we can always make fun of and with one another. Working with internationals is fun. I learn new things about other cultures and I get to see how they view the Dutch culture from their perspective.”

Is there anything interesting that your co-workers might not (yet) know about you?

“I have a long list of hobbies or activities that I like to do. I live in a big city, but I love spending time in the nature, hiking, making pictures, and seeing new places. It gives me new energy and boosts my spirit. I’m also always up for deep, philosophic conversations about life, strange topics, or the unknown – especially during one of those hikes. And I think most people would not expect this from the IT student, but I am actually quite good at ballroom dancing!”

What else should we know about the company?

“marXact is a company where there is a place for everyone. Whether you have much experience, or you want to learn something new, everything is possible. You’ll work with people from different places and different backgrounds which gives you new insights every day. There’s a good work environment where there’s space to grow and time for jokes. We’re almost like one big family. We have lunch together every day, we can talk about anything with anyone and it is just a fun place to work."

Do you have any tips for future students and employees?

"My tip for the next (development) intern is to ask for feedback from your teacher and your supervisor. This way, you will know if you are on the right track and it will make your work easier. Just ask everything you want to know, even if you have to go to a different department for that answer. They have a different vision on things and notice stuff you might have missed."

As you can see, the marXact team is very diverse and ever growing. Are you looking for a new job in a young company? Or are you looking for a (thesis) internship? Check out our website and social media for the newest vacancies. And who knows, maybe we will meet each other at the lunch table and you will introduce “Waffle Wednesday” or something new from your own country/culture.

Do you want to know more about working at marXact? Read our next blog to see how it is to work in the marketing department at marXact.

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