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More girl power at marXact!

  • 2 min read

We welcomed a new member to the marketing team in the week before International Women’s Week. As the first woman in the marketing department, Cheyenne Kartowikromo will be doing her thesis in marketing communications while creating content for the website and social media and making sure the guys keep their feet on the ground. She’s bringing her knowledge of multiple languages, international business, and content marketing to our team. Having said that, we’re still not sure why people call her shy/Chey ;).

New plants

” My first two weeks here were absolutely crazy with this insane group of people and more info than I would wish to have, ha-ha. I think they sensed that I am allergic to pollen, so they bought new plants every single day! By now, I can withstand the pollen and random guy talk (or let’s say, I hope so). Tip: do not move the plant on Tommy’s desk, he WILL notice it.

I am happy to be joining this young company and to be researching how we can improve our online visibility internationally. By the time I graduate this fall, I will be leaving with more knowledge and (international) work experience than ever!”

Already bringing content

“Cheyenne is already bringing new content to our (potential) users, she’s taken the lead with this blog as well. As the first woman on the Sales and Marketing side of marXact, she can set-out her own path. Lucky for us, that path will mostly involve content and writing blogs, articles, customer cases, and social media. The type of fun and informative texts you know us for. From now on, brought to you by Cheyenne”, Marketing Executive Jeroen Methorst says.

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