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International Women’s Week: Lilian

  • 4 min lectura

Monday, March 8 is International Women’s Day. A day that arose in the twentieth century when women stood up for their rights. To celebrate this day, we would like to put the spotlight on 5 women. From Monday to Friday we publish a portrait of a strong and tough woman who works in what used to be considered a profession for men. This is part 5.

Lilian Heuker of Hoek of Buro de Kleumper now knows how to digitally survey points, lines, and polygons with ease. This data helps her to design all kinds of gardens. In the past, this was mainly done by men, Lilian wants to change that.

“At Buro de Kleumper, I design all kinds of gardens and landscapes. From roof gardens to larger ones including complete lightning plans and 3D views. I officially started this in the fall of 2020, but I have years worth of experience in creating gardens. For example, I once did a gardening course and then followed one in garden design. I have used that knowledge much more often for designing to convert specific garden wishes into tailor-made plans. It is nice for my current clients that I visualize their wishes and that they can then give the assignment to a local gardener. I have my contacts too, and if needed, I can also reach out to a landscaper, but they can always choose who will carry out the design themselves.

I found the UNI-GR1 through a video on Facebook, which made me think “Hey, I can do that too!”. That turned out to be the case. You don’t have to take many steps to get started, you can actually get started right away. Reading files works fine too, which is great for one of my regular clients, a consultancy that cannot do these jobs itself. For their – and my own – jobs, I mainly use the UNI to measure. It is nice that the height is measured as well, so I can immediately see if there is a height difference. That is not likely with a roof garden, but of course, it is in a garden or landscape. I take that into account during the design process.

Actually, I get nice and positive reactions only when I survey myself. More and more people realize that women can really do it on their own. We have seen this realization for some time now when designing a garden and people are no longer as surprised as they used to be. Especially women like it when I come by with my suitcase and pole. I can show them exactly what I will do and how surveying works. They also see that it can be done just as well by a man as by a woman. I also notice that creating layers is fast because I already recognize the buttons. In my experience, this takes a bit longer with men, which is not a bad thing of course. They are often physically stronger and can lift and plant trees that I have incorporated into a design. In this way, we all have our own strengths.

If you, as a woman, have doubts about digital surveying yourself and using this information for a (garden) design, because you end up in a man’s world, I advise you not to hesitate and just go for it. The actual learning part is not that bad and the acceptance is there, but giving a rebuttal every now and then is part of it. It is best to defend yourself verbally and then show how well-rounded your knowledge is!”

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