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Digital surveying with GPS

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This article has been published (in Dutch) by BAM Infra in February 2021.

BAM Energie & Water (Energy & Water) will measure house connections to electricity, water, gas, and media with GPS.
In collaboration with Enexis Netbeheer, marXact, and DiaFlow (part of SPIE Nederland), BAM Energie & Water is now using UNI-GR1 GPS surveying poles to measure house connections to electricity, water, gas, and media. Measuring with GPS is much more accurate. Enexis Netbeheer thus gets an even more accurate picture of all cables and pipelines in the ground. In future excavations, this means less chance of hitting a cable or pipe. As a result, less inconvenience for residents.

René Douma, Business Manager BAM Energie & Water: “Finally we can digitally measure and stake out house connections with our UNI-GR1 GPS surveying poles. Our technicians no longer have to work with a measuring tape. Now, this is possible with the push of a button. No more takeover mistakes. It is nice to be one step closer to “very accurate” data and thus reduce excavation damage in the future. Another very positive step in terms of safety!” 

Enthusiastic technicians

BAM Energie & Water has tested the UNI-GR1 GPS surveying poles extensively. The result is enthusiastic technicians. They find the GPS surveying poles user-friendly and handy. They can immediately measure everything faster and precisely, even in hard-to-reach places. There are no more deviations and the measured data is immediately available digitally.

Bart Hollink, Process Manager BAM Energie & Water: “Normally, our technicians measure house connections manually. After establishing a zero point, they measure the location information of house connections with tape measures. This can be done more accurately. Our surveyors have been using GPS surveying poles for some time to survey the main network. Using GPS for house connections is a logical step for us. With this, we kill two birds with one stone: happy technicians and better data quality.”

What happens to the surveyed data?

Via the Digital Collaboration Platform (DSP), network operators and contractors exchange data about underground infrastructure activities. Once the technician has measured the house connections with GPS, he supplies the digital data to DSP via the drawing application DiaFlow and the DigiFlow program.

Jürgen Everts is an account manager at marXact: “This mutual cooperation is actually how digital surveying should be, as we see it. You enable the end user, in this case BAM Energie & Infra, to choose the working method that works best for them. Working with tools that you quickly become familiar with is not only good for your own motivation, but also enables you to start generating data, and to complete survey projects faster. That’s what you see here too.”

Wim Rommens, Product Owner Connection Chain Enexis Netbeheer: “We warmly applaud innovations in the connection chain that increase security, improve data quality, and make the process run more efficiently. Because the location of the electricity cables and gas pipes are precisely measured this way, the risk of excavation damage is reduced. These GPS measurement data is also so reliable that we can also make improvements in the other – manually surveyed – data during data processing!”

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