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Link between digital surveying equipment and online drawing tool garDsign

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This article has been published by GarDsign in January 2021.

The garDsign team is constantly thinking about improvements that will make working in the online drawing tool even easier, more accurate, faster, or more convenient. Completely new is the digital link with marXact: digital surveying has never been so easy!

Linking surveying equipment

With the receiver from marXact it is possible to determine a position to centimetre accuracy, based on satellite signals. “You can create points, lines, or polygons with our receiver. Thanks to this link with garDsign, garDsign users can save the digital measurements directly in their online drawing. In this way, you create a map with all kinds of points in a simple and very detailed way, with which you can generate data accurately to the centimetre”, says Mustafa Cakiroglu on behalf of marXact.

More accurate

The UNI-GR1 from marXact is easy to use: “We give demonstrations on location on request, but our instruction video on YouTube is sufficient for most people, it is self-explanatory! If you can use a smartphone, you can also perform digital surveying with our hardware. We have teamed up with the makers of garDsign to help garden professionals move forward together with our hardware and software. When making a drawing, they know exactly how much space they have and how many materials they need to purchase by using the UNI. After all, if you know exactly how many square meters of grass or pavers you need, you can compile the quotation much more accurately.”

Faster and with less errors

The marXact hardware is needed to survey. Thanks to the link with garDsign, the measured data is sent to the known online drawing tool. One of the future users of marXact is Harry de Winkel, owner of the landscaping company of the same name from Klarenbeek, Gelderland. He has been designing his gardens digitally for years through the garDsign program. “I came across marXact’s surveying equipment on social media and was interested, provided it is possible to link the system to the online drawing tool that I have been using satisfactorily for years. Because it seemed especially useful to me, if I could put the data from the device directly into my own digital designs.”

YouTube video
Why does Hoveniersbedrijf Harry de Winkel innovate with a marXact surveying pole? (Dutch spoken)

A major advantage of marXact’s products, according to De Winkel, is that it is easier to survey large gardens. “You can also indicate the layout work, for example of an organically shaped pond, on the online drawing with points. You don’t have to survey anything in the garden itself, you just put it on the drawing. Because marXact’s hardware works accurately to the centimetre, the risk of surveying errors is nil. It makes my job easier.”

The communications from the gardener to other experts is also more clear, De Winkel thinks: “If you hire a crane operator, that man can dig a pond to the centimetre due to the basis of the online drawing. There’ s not even a string involved anymore! In the past you needed a digger to indicate the heights in a garden with a laser, for example. You can now easily process that in the drawing via marXact and this link with garDsign. You work faster and with fewer errors!”

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