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Welcome to the marXact team, Jasper!

  • 2 min read

One of our greatest strengths is UNI-Support, where you can rely on the knowledge and skills of experts in the field of digital surveying. Jasper Rottier started here earlier this week and we are sure that he can answer all your questions in no time!

We like to introduce Jasper to you, so that you can match the face with the voice on the phone.

Starting from scratch

Jasper: “I am very happy that I have become a part of marXact recently. A new team, a different environment, and with a product that is still unknown to me. Like our new customers, I start from scratch, which means I go through the same steps as they do. Start with a demonstration, then practice yourself, and export points to the UNI-Cloud. I will take that knowledge with me and use it when someone calls with a question, because I started the same way as they did!

As I said, the UNI-GR1 is new to me. However, in recent years I have gained experience in the back office and with customer service, which I immediately bring to the customers of marXact. ”

Just like customers

marXact CTO and co-founder Raoul van Ginkel: “Jasper already brings experience to the table, knows what it’s like to speak to and help customers. That is great for customers and for us, so that we can really focus on going through the digital surveying process. I am pleased that he is strengthening our growing team, especially with all the new ideas and features that we will develop and launch in 2021! ”


And Jasper, the most important thing we can tell you now: don’t forget to treat us on your birthday!

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