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“The threshold to survey yourself has never been so low!”

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This article has been published by GWW in November 2020. GWW is a Dutch platform about civil engineering & infrastructure.

After a flashy start on February 14, 2017, the company can no longer be ignored within the infrastructure sector. marXact has not only built up an impressive reputation in its short time of existence, but also a ditto customer base. For Tommy van der Heijden, this is proof that working with a plug-and-play and all-encompassing product appeals to the professional.

“Don’t let yourself be fooled,” he opens the conversation. “You can do a lot more in the field of surveying yourself than you thought possible. We work everywhere, at large contractors, at SMEs, and the self-employed can also handle our UNI-GR1 very well.” The range of options is very wide. “You can start simple and then continue to expand in terms of possibilities. The UNI-GR1 meets every need, from measurement to data processing.”

‘Demo Drinks’ suspended, but will return

When the current restrictions and situation permit, marXact will organize the “Demo Drinks” again. “The Demo Drinks consists of crash courses for companies that start with us and we also provide crash courses for new staff within the ranks of our customers. This “Crash Course Surveying Day” takes place in an informal setting, where a lot of information is exchanged while enjoying a drink. We ask specific questions to customers, i.e. companies from the infrastructure sector, gardeners, and, for example, fibre optic companies, then explain them and go outside. It opens eyes: it suddenly turns out that you can survey yourself with the greatest of ease. After the course, people can immediately start working in the field or plan the surveying network”, says Van der Heijden.

marXact has also returned to the customer’s site, but that does not alter the fact that a tutorial video on the website can already be used to learn how to survey. Van der Heijden: “The complete UNI package is plug-and-play. If you have received it, you can start measuring outside within half an hour. 10 minutes to unpack and 20 minutes to watch the instruction video. ” Everything is delivered ready to use and configured. “Anyone who can operate a smartphone can handle the UNI, it’s that simple,” Van der Heijden concludes. “And if you can’t find a solution, just call us for support.”

Get started right away with generated data

Ready-to-use AutoCAD drawings come from the UNI. After surveying, the drawing is stored in the UNI-Cloud at the touch of a button and can be used immediately. “You don’t have to be an AutoCAD expert to generate a good drawing,” explains Van der Heijden. “In the upcoming months we will work on not even having to press the export button anymore, so that your surveyed point is immediately available for the drawing office as soon as it is measured”. We are also expanding the API and working on more links. So you can easily work fully integrated or save data as a CSV file. ”

What customers say about marXact

‘’For Zijlstra Infra is the UNI a good alternative to a total station. The UNI is in use almost daily for surveying overhaul projects, for setting out new projects, for stakeout work for sewerage work, for the construction of paths and roads, etc. Zijlstra Infra is also pleased with the support that is offered and that the device is being further developed, for example in the form of the release of updates on a regular basis.”

“I have surveyed a few works with the UNI. Experience has shown me that it works very simply. It works clearly and you can easily create new layers on the spot. I do not process the result myself, but I send the file to the person who processes it for me and he can process it easily.” – Aannemingsbedrijf AJ Hoogendoorn jr

‘’For Advies- en ingenieursbureau Atensus is the UNI-GR1 a valuable addition to their work. For example, when customers provide an incomplete drawing, Atensus can now survey the last, missing piece itself and then add it to the drawing. In addition, the work of the contractor can be checked during the supervision of the execution. Atensus can now also record the location of a ditch, fence, or well, for example, and then plot the exact location with the UNI-GR1.”

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