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Digital surveying continues, even beyond 1.5m!

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This column has been published by Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte Stay&Go in October 2020. Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte Stay&Go is a 2-day event designed for government and all organisations who participate in the Dutch public domain.

Dutch society looks from different from a year ago. The 1.5m society has major consequences for the way we live and work. Working from home is not possible for everyone, but keeping your distance and taking safety measures is. Digital surveying is one of those tasks that cannot be done from home, marXact helps you to do this responsibly and according to the 2020 standards.

Determining and keeping distance

A lot of measurements are taken in the public domain. From pipelines and (fiber optic) cables in new housing estates, to property boundaries for the Land Registry, and checking large flood defenses and small (er) ditches for water safety. Where in the past a whole team was on the road to carry out these activities, this is no longer necessary. Thanks to the UNI-GR1 GNSS receiver from marXact, 1 person can survey and store data directly in the (UNI) cloud. One person measures on location, after which the data is immediately available for study, revision, and control in the office. Or, in these times, from home. Determining and keeping your distance safely is that easy nowadays!

Water board and other authorities

marXact CEO Tommy van der Heijden: “Het Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta (Drents Overijsselse Water Board) has been working with our equipment and software for some time, so their work can continue as usual. More and more government agencies are asking for a demonstration on location, because their work is also continuing. Just think of the energy transition for which new cables and pipeline networks are required, the measurement can be done by one person. The government adheres to the guidelines and sets a good example, society continues to run and work is still carried out.”

Writing off the investment

Writing off the investment is faster and easier than you think. For example, you can already measure digitally for less than a cent per meter or € 0.04 per tree, assuming a depreciation within 3 years. This way you can work remotely safely, but with a financial advantage within reach.

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