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Following a digital surveying demonstration from home

  • 3 min lectura

It is safe to say we are living in extraordinary times these days. Our lives have been turned upside down due to COVID-19 and many people have been working from home and events have been cancelled or the capacity is lowered, in many countries all over the world. But what does that mean for you? How can you familiarize yourself with digital surveying without a demonstration? Luckily, we can help you follow a digital surveying demonstration from home! Also very helpful when you are located outside of the Netherlands!

Digital surveying video tutorial

No marXact demonstration is complete without a step-by-step instruction of the entire surveying process, beginning with the set-up. In real life, we would do that with you to give you a better understanding of the ease of our UNI-GR1. As said before, we can’t do that now. However, we have created an entire digital surveying video tutorial! Our colleague Tommy takes you by the hand and shows you how to set-up the UNI-Complete set to your liking, including layers and objects so you survey your first points, lines and polygons easily. He gets you up to speed when it comes to digital surveying and exporting that data to the UNI-Cloud, ready for processing and reviewing.

Video conferences

Next (or, in addition) to the video tutorial, we offer possibilities to schedule a video conference with one of our surveying experts. You can ask us all kinds of surveying-related questions during these conference calls, since every surveying need and requirements are different and personal. We do recommend you watch the video tutorial first, since it answers most questions already. You can use the video conference to go more in-depth and learn how digital surveying will have a positive impact on your business.
And don’t worry, you can replace ‘video conference’ with ‘telephone call’ and the effect is the same.

New: online demo slots

We have integrated our GNSS receiver UNI-GR1 with the UNI-Cloud, which means you are able to see data on every device and from every possible location. All you need is a steady connection.

This means we can now offer 30-minute time slots with one of our surveying experts. During this half an hour, you will receive an online demo and learn how you generate and process data best, so you’ll easily learn how digital surveying improves your productivity.

Start learning about digital surveying whenever you like

The best part about having a video tutorial that details the entire digital surveying process, is that you decide when you’ll watch it. Lazy day at the office and you want to explore new possibilities? Great! It’s been a long day and you want to kick your feet up and watch something that isn’t listed on Netflix? Cool!

Does this mean we do not host physical events anymore? No! We still organize our Crash Course Surveying Day on September 4, we just take the steps necessary to comply with Dutch legislation.

If you can’t attend, or don’t feel comfortable, we have other options. Just know our video tutorial and conference possibilities are here, ready when you are!

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