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New: the marXact knowledge base

  • 2 min read

You might have noticed it already, the brand-new marXact knowledge base is online! This page gives an answer to the questions we’ve been asked most, by yourself and other users of the UNI-GR1.

Universal in every way

Where as our UNI is the most universal GNSS receiver out there, our goal is to be universal within every aspect of our company. From demonstration to training and from support to education. This new knowledge base helps us with that. You find the most frequently asked ánd answered questions by clicking ‘Soporte’ in our menu.

Non-stop development

If you have called us for help before, chances are you’ve spoken to Aaron. Aaron works as a Customer Care Engineer at marXact and is one of our colleagues who has contributed to this knowledge base. Due to his contact with clients, he knows what questions are asked most and need to be added. This makes this knowledge base a never-ending development.

Aaron: “We offer even more support by publishing most of the frequently asked questions on our website. You can search for a specific keyword and find the correct answer faster, so you can proceed with your activities directly. Very useful when clients just want a quick answer to their questions and don’t want to call in. All questions and answers can be read in English, but our next step is to become bilingual, supporting more languages starting with Dutch translations for every question.”

And does this knowledge base mean you should never call us again? “Of course not! It is just another tool to support you and who knows, the answer to your question might be useful to others and added right after our call. In any case, we make sure you can continue to measure immediately. ”

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