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The 4 new faces of marXact!

  • 5 min read

Imagine, every six months a new face takes a look at your company. Someone who is not scared to give his or her opinion and keeps your co-workers sharp. What’s better than that kind of person? Exactly! 4 of that kind of person! Every six months, we offer interns a chance to develop themselves. In exchange, they help the company… Continue readingThe 4 new faces of marXact!

The Big Four; 9 months later

  • 4 min read

No, we’re not talking about going on a safari and watching big animals in Africa. If you’ve followed us for a while now, it’s the blog you’ve been expecting. It’s time to check in with Amiel, Marco, Niels, and Rody and see how their first 9 months at marXact have been. 9 months, expecting. Get it? 😉 Back to the… Continue readingThe Big Four; 9 months later

Providing UNI-Support to the Max!

  • 2 min read

You might have found out already, but we have expanded the UNI-Support team once again! Max Numan has joined marXact last week and is the one that breaks tradition: after Jasper and James, he is the first team member whose name does not start with a ‘J’. It was bound to happen some time, right? Set schedule Max: “I’ve really… Continue readingProviding UNI-Support to the Max!

International Day of Education

  • 4 min read

Today, the 24th of January, is International Day of Education. On December 3, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution naming that specific date as International Day of Education, to celebrate the role of education and its role in (creating) a cultured society that is filled with optimism and opportunities. We value education highly within our own organization… Continue readingInternational Day of Education

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