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GNSS Surveying for everyone

With the UNI-Complete package, you have everything you need to measure anything you want with centimetre accuracy and export it to your desired format. An all-in-one complete package.

€ 4995,- 

The most universal receiver

With easy, intuitive software and receiving 4 constellations on 432 channels, you will get centimetre accuracy easier than ever-before. Survey with UNI-Connect, integrate in your software or connect to any app of your choice.

€ 2995,-

UNI-GR1 op meetstok close-up
Project overview UNI-Connect

The most easy survey software

Measure points, lines, polygons and arcs in your local coordinates and export them at the tip of your finger to the office. In CSV, Autocad DXF and more file extensions. Or the other way around, with stakeouts.

Comes for free with the UNI-GR1 and works on any device with WiFi and a browser.

Get a grip of the field

Connected to the UNI-Cloud, your measured work syncs to the office in no time. Or to your own software with the UNI-Cloud API. Combined with remote access and phone support, the UNI-Cloud is what makes you get your work done faster than ever.

€ 750,- per year

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UNI-RTK Premium worldwide coverage map

Corrections everywhere you go

Get centimetre accuracy on your UNI-GR1 or any other RTK supporting antenna with UNI-RTK Premium. Using hundreds of base stations all over the world, you will get the needed corrections without borders.

€ 750,- per year

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This is what our clients say

By using the UNI-GR1 and combining it with our GIS tools, we have been able to work more efficient. On fibre optics projects, we are now able to skip about 50 process steps!
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