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Have you met Giuseppe and Tim yet?

  • 3 min read

Just before the festive holiday period starts, have our own celebrations begun already! This month, we celebrate that Giuseppe and Tim have become members of the marXact team. They’ve joined different departments and come from different backgrounds as well, so it’s time to get to know them a bit better before their work betters your digital surveying experience.

Caring and open

Giuseppe and Tim represent different backgrounds and worlds in many ways. Tim is Dutch and joined our UNI-Support team, while Giuseppe was born in Italy and uses his coding skills in the Development department.

Giuseppe: “I was actually surprised how open and friendly everyone is, how everyone cares about each other and our work. It’s really an open environment, especially with all the different nationalities and cultures. I really like that.”

“I feel the same way Giuseppe does”, says Tim. “There’s a time and place to make small talk with a colleague, giving this a family-like vibe. Really open, I agree with that. It’s something I hope to be a part of for a very long time.”

Personal touches

Tim: “My goal here is to help people with centimetre accurate digital surveying. To answer their questions as best and fast as I can and allow them to continue in the field.”

“I’m just getting started and accustomed to the team, company, and products, but I already know what I’d like to contribute. Next to developing and implementing new features is coming up with smart ways of doing so”, says Giuseppe.

Written material

This is just a quick introduction and there’s so much more to both Giuseppe and Tim, but that’s too much to fit in just one blog. Just trust that their written material comes to you in due time; Tim will send you a written answer to your question and Giuseppe’s work in writing code becomes a part of brand-new features. Just keep an eye out for these two and their work!

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