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The 4 new faces of marXact!

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Imagine, every six months a new face takes a look at your company. Someone who is not scared to give his or her opinion and keeps your co-workers sharp. What’s better than that kind of person? Exactly! 4 of that kind of person! Every six months, we offer interns a chance to develop themselves. In exchange, they help the company solve an issue, enrich innovations, or even to work alongside their new colleagues. And of course, these six months are no exception! It’s our pleasure to introduce you to these four new faces of marXact.


First up: Alessandro! He will be supporting the Sales department. Please, Tell us a little bit about yourself. “During my time at marXact, I am focusing on developing a Market-entry Strategy regarding the Spanish market. During my Thesis, I’m supporting the Sales team as best as I can!”

“Outside the office, you will find me at Neude (Utrecht) with a drink of course. Otherwise, I’m partying in Amsterdam or playing squash. Planning as many activities as possible on a short weekend is one of my characteristic hobbies. For next year I am planning on making a far journey, to Southern America for example. Also, I would like to add a Master’s to my resume.”

Alessandro is, as we speak, fully integrated with his new colleagues. It’s time to introduce our next asset! 


Alina, what description describes you the best? “I would describe myself as creative, analytic, and persevering. My goal here at marXact is to apply the knowledge and skills I learned during my education to practice. Would like to get busy with some of the more creative projects! For my thesis, I am going to research how marXact can improve internalization for now and in the future.

I like it to spend my time off with my friends and family, and if it’s up to me, some board- or card games with it. Furthermore, you can find me walking outside, surrounded by nature. If I am not outside, I’m inside making music.”

Alina is busy with marketing and advertisement. What would the next asset be working on?


Next up: Jorn! Tell us, what are you up to in the coming months? “Besides finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I am orientating what to do after my graduation. Of course, the focus right now is fully committed to marXact. Everything else had to make way. I will be putting my attention towards the upcoming trade shows marXact is going to be a part of. All seriousness aside, there will be room for a joke or two!”

“I like it to be among other people. I enjoy small talks, making jokes in passing, and of course a drink or two after working hours. I am excited to show my new colleagues some of the party tricks I know.”

Jorn has found his place among the others. Let’s see who our last asset to the team is.


“Last best” as proverbs says, it is time for your introduction Maud! “Then I’m happy to introduce myself. I’m Maud and I will assist the marketing department here at marXact. My research here is about Brand Awareness and how to improve it using a substantiated marketing strategy. So, don’t be scared if you see us hop by anytime soon :)”

“A have a big passion for marketing, as well as for playing piano, playing hockey, and my dog Austin. Personally, I really like it to work at self-deployment. Discovering new hobbies in my spare time is something I really enjoy. I hope to have some free time coming months to do so. If I don’t, I’m happy that this internship feels like a hobby to me!”

We are all different, that’s what we have in common

That they’re each different from each other, that’s obvious! That is one of the reasons they are such a great asset to marXact. If you have been following us for a while, you know that our team is incredibly diverse. By working together with diverse colleagues, you complement each other on weaknesses and learn from each other’s strengths. Alessandro, Alina, Jorn, and Maud are not the only ones who are going to learn in these months, so will marXact!

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