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The many faces of UNI-Support

  • 4 min read

If you are a UNI user that has needed assistance at some point, you have probably been in touch with our UNI-Support team. You might have called, sent an email,  texted via WhatsApp, or even came to our office! If you have not met them yet, we’ll happily introduce you to the faces of UNI-Support: James, Jasper, and Max!

The UNI-Support team. From left to right: Max, Jasper, and James

Individual support skills

Jasper is the longest-serving member and has seen both James and Max become a part of the team. How do the three of them differ in support skills? “Jasper: “Max really has a talent for small repairs to our devices, fixing small issues that allow users to survey again. He has a background in repairing and that really broadens our team’s skill set.

James is really good at manning the phone and mail, two of our main channels. He easily switches between Dutch and English and that helps with our diverse customer base. James has experience in other areas too, he photoshops a bit for our Marketing team when they need help, for instance.

I am the more seasoned one on our team and have the most experience with the UNI-Solutions. I help with the more challenging requests, make sure we can work smoothly, and even give a digital surveying training here and there. You see, we all have different skills and complement each other well, a broad range of knowledge and talents for UNI users to rely on!”

Personalised answers

“Every request for support that we receive, is unique. No UNI user can be compared exactly to another one, because the context varies. All customers use their UNI-GR1 for projects that are specific to them, in different areas, and for different objects to measure. That brings an element of excitement and a challenge to our job, because even though the question itself might have been asked before, but the context makes it different. Therefore, personalised answers are the only way to go for us,” Max explains.

UNI-Support includes

We combine the knowledge and expertise of this team with access to the UNI-Cloud, where all surveying data is stored. This annual subscription is priced at €750,- per year, but its first year is included in the UNI-Complete package.

Jasper: “Most of our users are able to continue surveying and with access to the UNI-Cloud and our support, because they chose to rely on our team after the first year. They have called or e-mailed during their initial year of surveying and want to be able to have us to fall back on, with Remote Assistance for example. That is when you allow us to take over your device so we can see where the issue lies. 

And we keep our knowledge base up to date! Lots and lots of questions that we have been asked before and we decided to add those to our website. Conveniently divided into multiple categories, freely available to all!”

An international aspect

James: “Here at marXact, we mostly speak Dutch or English. Both within our team and when we provide assistance. We have an international team consisting of multiple nationalities, so is our customer base and that reflects in the need for support. I like that I have to speak in multiple languages with different customers, considering I am a native English speaker myself.

Roughly 1 in 10 questions are from non-Dutch speaking UNI users at the moment, although that number is growing rapidly. It adds another layer to my job, because most of them do not survey in the Netherlands, Flanders, or another Dutch-speaking country. “For example, we have Germans, Swedes, or people from Oman calling or e-mailing from a place with little to no connection. I’ll switch to English to help them best and allow for a smooth surveying process.”

Getting in touch

Getting in touch with the UNI-Support team is easy: you can send an e-mail to and if you have chosen UNI-Cloud and Support, call +31 70 700 7917 and use your personal PIN code when the menu asks you to.

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