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Some benefits of digital surveying yourself

  • 3 min read

In our most recent blogs and articles, we have often talked about events, publications, and new features that we add to our UNI-Solutions. Getting to know us can become overwhelming. That is why we look at what we do exactly in this blog, here are a number of advantages of digital surveying yourself!

What is digital surveying?

Before we talk about the benefits of getting started yourself, it’s good to start with the basics: what is digital surveying? You use technology and science to determine the exact position of a point in terms of length, width, and height. The distances and angles between these points are also included in this measurement.

What can you do with digital surveying?

The data you generate by surveying yourself makes performing your work a lot easier. During project preparation, implementation, and evaluation, you have up-to-date and accurate information available. Are you missing a point or line? You have the chance to drive back to the project location to add that missing information, you are no longer depending on others for this!

During the project preparations

  • Survey reference points before you begin designing
  • Create precise project schedules with achievable deadlines
  • Easily create custom detailed quotes
  • Never order too much or too little materials again

During the project execution

  • If desired, export the data to other software and create a 3D representation of the final result
  • Instantly saved points in your personal cloud environment
  • Instant review of the measured points in the field, while you are in the office
  • Easily track project progress

During the project evaluation

  • If needed, export the data to other software thanks to the API and create a 3D representation of the final result for evaluation
  • Evaluate the end result by surveying or staking out (again)
  • A budget and time statement worked out down to the last detail
  • Satisfied clients with projects delivered as requested

Is digital surveying for you?

Yes absolutely! The benefits that digital surveying offers you, go beyond any profession. You can label the points you survey as ‘tree’ if you are a gardener or landscape architect, but also ‘traffic light’ or ‘bollard’ if that suits your work.

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