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A demo digital surveying: marXact style

  • 3 min read

If you’ve been following us for some time and have read blogs and articles before, you probably already know that we stop by for a demonstration of digital surveying. Completely without obligation and on location. An appointment where we provide you with the full surveying experience in a place that actually suits your work. But what can you actually expect from such a demo? We asked Jürgen and Mustafa, our colleagues who perform them.

A digital surveying demo

“During a digital surveying demo, someone from marXact will come to the location of your choice to show you the entire process. To experience it yourself actually. From creating a project with the right settings, to surveying points and lines, and export of data to an online cloud environment. This gives you a complete picture of the possibilities of our total solution and what that does for you,” says Jürgen.

The full experience

It is important to Mustafa that participants get the complete surveying experience. “When someone requests a demo from us, he or she already knows what kind of work they want to use it for. As a result, we don’t actually need to contribute to those ideas, although we always want to brainstorm about expanding services. This allows Jürgen and I to focus on experiencing the full process. Not only how easy it is to measure or prepare a project, but mainly how fun it is to do this yourself. How much fun it is to see direct results of your work, by looking at your self-measured points on your screen and seeing lines and polygons emerge. You learn a new skill that makes your work more varied, that is the pleasure I want to give on location!”

Pre-demo advice

Both men have some advice for you, so you’ll get the most out of the demo you’ve requested:

  • Think about where you want the appointment to take place. Choose a place that is representative of your work(s);
  • Choose participants who will actually survey after purchase, it is important that they master the steps immediately;
  • If you want to see your drawing with points in our software, send it a few days in advance;
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask us during the visit, so you can be sure that you get all the answers you need.

Plan your demo

Now you know everything about the demonstrations we give, it’s time to schedule your own! Jürgen and Mustafa are happy to visit you for a demo on location!

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