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First Fairs for 2022

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After sitting still for a while, this year we were present with great enthusiasm at De Groene Sector Vakbeurs, De GOConnectIT customer day and the Infra Relatiedagen. It was a real pleasure to be back with a stand ready to receive visitors who were informed about the latest products and services, trends and developments within various industries.

With over 16,000 visitors and 360 exhibitors per event, these were the networking opportunities to meet existing business partners and new relationships. In the following paragraphs you can read more about our experience.

De Groene Sector Vakbeurs

With 15,000 horticulturalists, decision makers within the municipal green space and large green space providers attending annually, this year’s event was a great success. We met new people, gained knowledge and inspiration about the latest machines, laws and regulations, trends and developments within the green sector. Claudette intern at marXact: “With the water square, the aquarium and the garden landscaping competition, the fair was a true spectacle. This was a nice start of the fair season. It was interesting for marXact to be present at De Groene Sector Vakbeurs for the first time.

The GOConnectIT customer day

The theme of the GOConnectIT customer day was; the future around Infra and the GOConnectIT innovations that were on the horizon. For example, there was talk about applications of GOConnectIT technology in relation to the goals set by the government for 2030. We as marXact were there because we have a lot of overlap in relationships and potential customers, in addition, we wanted to show how our product applies well to this sector.

To demonstrate this we provided an interactive program, where participants had to measure 4 points in a straight line. The fastest of the morning group and the fastest of the afternoon group earned a nice voucher as a reward.

The reactions were positive, with most people being surprised about how easy and fast our product made it possible to achieve an accurate measurement. It was a pleasant day, with lots of information about the future in the cable and pipeline sector. And we have shown why our product fits seamlessly with the activities of this sector. 

Infra Relatiedagen

Rody Duisters, internationally oriented colleague at marXact shares the following: ‘The Infra Relatiedagen 2022 were very successful. It was nice to be back in direct contact with our target group after a long period of time. We spoke to a lot of people and introduced them to the convenience of digital surveying. A fair that is not only suitable to come into contact with the target group but also to expand my network. I’m very much looking forward to next year and I’m looking forward to it!’

All in all, this was the ultimate opportunity to meet existing and new business contacts in an informal setting while enjoying a snack and a drink. Were you not able to attend? No worries! You can also find us at:

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