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Feature Friday – Interested in the interface

  • 5 min read
Feature Friday – April 2022

We have made it our mission to make digital surveying available to every field worker out there. To create the best possible personalized surveying experience for all of them, with handy tips and tricks, connections with other apps or software, and new feature releases frequently.

We combine the (start of) new features in monthly updates: these Feature Friday blogs. In this blog we tell you about a number of new and more extensive functions that we are working on, including a lot of work on the user interface and experience, further building our own test environment, and adding the basic functionalities to the UNI-Collect app.

Extra effort in the interface and experience

We told you about our work on your user interface and experience before, on the layout of the dashboards you see and the user experience you gave. This development continues and we have put a lot of extra effort into this in the past month as well.

We are about halfway through the work now and are planning to give you a fully built and tested new design over the summer. You can see a preliminary impression of the new, sleek design below. Do you recognize the dashboard and settings pages already?

Improved our own test environment

We talked about the improved test environment we built for ourselves in the previous Feature Friday blog. This is the place where new features are tested and improved before you have access to them. We will continue to work on this for a while, so that we can test the most diverse features and fix bugs for you.

Some of the new possibilities that we will test first include various improvements to the import and export of files, an import preview for the UNI-Cloud, and of course the new user interface as mentioned above. We will tell you when these new features have been tested, improved, and then released when the time is right.

The UNI-Collect basic functionalities

One of the other larger projects we are working on, is the UNI-Collect surveying app. In time, this app will replace the UNI-Connect software, but it’s not finished yet. At the moment, the basics of the app have been broadly worked out and a number of standard functionalities are ready to be tested by ourselves – before we add improvements and extensions.

The fact that there is a basic version now, is not enough for us. We want more: more functions, more convenience, more options for you. That is why we will continue to work hard on this and you will soon have access to a measuring app with which you can do everything that can now be done with UNI-Connect – and even more!

Cleaning and structure

Admittedly, at first this is something for ourselves. In recent weeks, we have been working on the ‘back end of the UNI-Solutions. We’ve tweaked and cleaned certain feature structures, making it easier for us to develop and launch new features and possibilities. Especially after these have been tested in our own test environment.

This activity helps us to make the preparations for the UNI-Collect measuring app as smooth as possible. We have big plans with and for this app, so that you can create your ideal surveying experience yourself. When we can launch new possibilities even faster and better, your experience will have even more added value.

What steps do you need to take?

Not a lot, if we are completely honest with you. All updates are done automatically and while you are out surveying in the field or preparing tasks in the office. You might need to turn your UNI-GR1 off and on again, but only when the update stops unexpectedly. After turning it on again, you are good to go.

More releases coming up

So many new releases are coming, including expanding the UNI-Cloud project measurement and editing capabilities, the previously announced UNI-Collect survey app, and machine control capabilities. More on this in new Feature Friday blogs!

So make sure you come back to to read all about our upcoming features and updates and get the most out of your UNI-Solutions!

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