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5 years of marXact – on to the next 5 years!

  • 5 min read

Five years of marXact is a reason to celebrate. What can we say, it’s a party! We will treat you to fun content that is related to our founding, our process to come, where we are now, and what you may expect of us in the future!

In this fourth blog, we speak to developer Antonio and our internationally orientated colleague Rody about our plans for the next 5 years.

First impressions

Out of these two colleagues, Antonio joined us more than a year before Rody did. “My very first impression was that joining marXact really felt like a family. Everyone was -and is- working very well together and we interact as a whole. You have the real feeling of working at a start-up, with lots of light and working in an open environment without walls”, he says.

“I agree with Antonio on that, it feels really accessible. Your colleagues make you feel welcome and have time to talk, which helps the overall atmosphere. It’s informal, yet we work. I’ve learned pretty quickly that a strong product is a good foundation to expand upon and lots of time is spent on new innovations that are released step-by-step. There’s a good plan behind it all”, Rody adds.

Life at marXact right now

Both men settled in time quickly and have their own tasks, responsibilities, and opportunities to profit from. Antonio: “We have grown so much since the day I started working here and have reached so much milestones. Not only in terms of growth and sales, but also in new colleagues, and released features and software versions. I’ve worked on the UNI-Connect surveying software in the beginning, but specialised in the UNI-Cloud after that. Recently, I became the Product Owner for the cloud and am in the lead for the development and improvements regarding that now. I’m focused on coaching and helping others achieving the best results. When compared to one year ago I think we have made great progress as a team. Right now, we are preparing amazing changes and new possibilities for the UNI-Cloud and that is what people can expect from the Development team: delivering the best features and functionalities.”

Rody: “Everything that happens outdoors is a market for us. We can help you get started in every sector where measurements are taken. You can hire a land surveyor for really difficult jobs, there are fewer and fewer of them and they have to spend their available time wisely. That’s where our UNI-Solutions come in and really improve work flows and processes. We are now bringing dealers on board to bring those possibilities to other countries too, such as with FB Solutions in France.

That is what we are currently working on. Answering questions about marXact going international, researching the potential of new countries and the effectiveness of our UNI-Solutions over there, and providing overall assistance.”

The next 5 years

Rody: “There’s so much I want to do within the next 5 years and we’ve already started some of the groundworks for it. We plan on providing the most user-friendly digital surveying experience to UNI users in much more countries, with dealers, partners, and perhaps a designated country manager here and there. My personal goal is to extend the International Expansion team and have more colleagues support our dealers. Also, being represented at every continent within the next years, would be so cool!”

Antonio’s goals and future plans differ from the ones Rody has, as he tells you happily: “I am more working ‘behind the scenes’ than he is, our departments are so different too. People can expect hard- and software from the Development team, that allows them to work independently in the field – specially with the new UNI-Collect app! The cloud keeps improving and adapting with our goal to use it hand-to-hand with the new UNI-Collect app. We put a strong focus on integration too, so it will be easier for any device or application to integrate with it with every use. On a personal level, I want to coach other developers even more than I already do, bringing more structure to our tasks. Having more structure and optimize software engineering processes allows us to spend more time developing new features, fixing bugs, and expanding the software. Now, and in 5 years time.”

“We have so many plans and ideas for the time to come. For the next 5 years and even after that. But whichever way we go, the customer will always be in the centre of it all. It’s all about the person in the field, in any industry, and making their jobs go as smooth as possible. That’s what we’ve done for the last 5 years, that’s what they can expect for the upcoming 5 too”, Rody concludes.

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