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5 years of marXact – Sinem & Mustafa, the rookie and the vet

  • 4 min read

Five years of marXact is reason to celebrate. What can we say, it’s a party! We will treat you to fun content that is related to our founding, our process to come where we are now, and what you may expect of us in the future!

In this second blog, we speak to account manager Mustafa who’s a veteran in our team, and Sinem, our developer who celebrates her first work anniversary today!

Growing fast

Mustafa: “There were only a handful of people when I started working here, so it was a different vibe than we have now. Some of them only worked part-time while doing their masters and we knew they would leave after finishing that. We had so much fun and you get to know each other so well when it’s such a team.

We have grown, obviously. We have gotten so much bigger since the day I joined. I might have seen 25 people come in and most of them are still here. So things have changed, but in a positive way. It still feels like coming home when I’m at the office, that has not changed at all.”

“I became part of the team after Mustafa did and even I have seen about 10 people join marXact since then. They all become a part of the team immediately. We have lots of fun and it kind of feels like a family when we’re together – even though we are growing so fast! You see that with the development team especially. We all come from different cultures and before I joined, I was not really sure how that would work. But we are so close and helping each other out and our cultures and backgrounds match so well, too!”, Sinem adds.

Making the effort

“You have to make the effort to become part of the team. Some people are a fit and match the group personality-wise and others do not (immediately). You can be very good at what you do, but you have to match with your colleagues too.

We have the ability to match your tasks to what you want here. For example, my background was sales but in another industry, and GNSS receivers and digital surveying were really new to me. The colleagues were very helpful and I adapted quickly, because I got the chance to do so. Learn and grow, basically. That’s were we are now too. If you want to learn something, achieve something, set some goals. You have to see yourself grow here, because that is what we all have in common here”, Mustafa tells.

Sinem: “I am much more experienced as a developer than I was when I joined one year ago. I have learned so much from the developers around me and their specific skills and experience. Just receiving their feedback on features I work on, makes the process go smoother and a better final result. That is what UNI users will benefit from and that is what matters.”

In common

While Mustafa and Sinem joined at different times, spent various amounts of time in the office, and work in different departments, there’s something they have in common: Turkish is their native language.

Mustafa: “Communicating in your own language and understanding each other’s culture makes it so easy to work together. It’s fun to speak your mother tongue as well, since we speak Dutch and English in the office too.”

“I’ve grown up in Turkey and lived there for more than 20 years, I feel more comfortable in that language. I got so excited when I saw Mustafa’s photo on the website before my first interview! I saw another Turkish person and that made me feel comfortable too, that was so nice to see. marXact has given me the opportunity to follow Dutch courses, so who knows. Mustafa and I might speak in Dutch soon, too!”

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