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Kristina’s first year at marXact – and counting!

  • 2 min read

We’ve not only celebrated the new year in the beginning of January, it is the first work anniversary of Kristina Parsehyan as well! Kristina has been focusing on developing the best possible user interfaces of and experiences with our UNI-Solutions ever since. Time to ask her about her own experience with the marXact team!

Friends and friendly

Kristina: “What I like about working here, is that we have such a friendly atmosphere. marXact is a great company with nice colleagues, it is more so that they turn into friends you make at work. We are all very different in this fast-growing team, but have one thing in common: we all work together to achieve our goals.

Our goals are always designed to make digital surveying as easy as possible, especially for people who have no previous experience. That is why I spent most of my time working on the user interface and experience, because that really makes your work process more smoothly.”

New cloud app

“I am really happy that we will have a new cloud app and survey app that customers can use easily. I am working hard to create a design that is not only easy to use, but looks great as well! Before working mostly on that task, I’ve solved bug fixes to improve the surveying process and created some features such as the GeoJSON export for API users. But the user experience and interface is and will be my main focus.”

Dutch start-up environment

Kristina has noticed something about Dutch companies too, during the last year. “It is crazy how many Dutch start-ups there are! I feel like there’s a good atmosphere for starting your own company in the Netherlands, with lots of educated and intelligent people who want to achieve their goals. I am just happy to be a part of one that succeeds in that: marXact!”

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