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A new voice on the phone: Tommy-Support

  • 2 min read

Personal support when you call us, remote assistance to let us actually see what your question is about, and the possibility to send us your feature request. As a UNI user, you are probably well aware of our UNI-Support possibilities and how they help you achieve the ultimate digital surveying experience.

We value those conversations highly and we want you to know that you can tell us anything. That is why we are expanding the UNI-Support team with a temporary, new voice on the other side of the line: our CEO Tommy!

New features

Tommy: “Our goal is to bring digital surveying closer to you, to help you with your day-to-day work. This means we invest heavily in creating new features, listening to you what you want, and providing you with support. We actually base a lot of new functionalities upon questions we receive via UNI-Support, such as the LED orange safety mode. That is why I have joined this team on a temporary basis. To speak to customers, hear their requests, and use that information to make our products even stronger and more comprehensive!”

Another new voice

As you might know, we have had an open position for a new addition to the UNI-Support team. We have found another new (full-time!) voice that is able to guide you through digital surveying and help you get the most out of your equipment, we will introduce this one to you shortly. Stay tuned!

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