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Extending the possibilities: marXact team edition

  • 3 min read

We regularly talk about extending your possibilities when it comes to digital surveying. Among others, due to publishing informative blogs and our monthly Feature Friday blog. This time, we’re going into a whole new direction. As of last Monday, the marXact team has grown with six guys. From left to right, meet Rody, Chris, Amiel, Niels, Justin, and Marco!

Major transformation

marXact CEO Tommy van der Heijden: “Adding this many people at once to our team, is a big decision. Especially considering that we are not a company consisting of hundreds of people just yet, but still a close and solid group of people. Fortunately, our small core group is ready for the expansion and at the right time since we have big plans to bring the ultimate digital surveying experience closer to field workers everywhere. This requires skills, strengths, and lots of power to do so.

All of these new colleagues bring something different to the table and join different departments. This means that we are able to move ahead with fulfilling these plans as a whole, instead of just 1 or 2 departments. This is something I’m really excited about!”

Hi Amiel, Development

“I’ve had an amazing start here at marXact by joining the team activity before I even started. It was a great way to get to know everyone and on my first day, it made it more easy since I’ve already seen my colleagues and learned their names.”

Hi Chris, Business Development intern

“The information I have received so far, has been tailor-made to my current level of knowledge. It has giving me a good indication of what marXact does and what digital surveying is, this preparation is something I like a lot and I cannot wait to see what else I will be doing.”

Hi Justin, Marketing intern

“I’m most looking forward to experiencing the whole ‘office life’, experiencing what I have learned in school play out in real life. Working a full week, learning from others, and seeing that all come together in the upcoming months.”

Hi Marco, Development

“Everyone is being very friendly and willing to help a new colleague out, so I consider this a very good start to my time as a developer here at marXact!”

Hi Niels, Development intern

“During my time at marXact, I’m hoping to learn more about performing in an office setting. To experience what it’s like to work in a full time business that relates to what I’m studying, to put my knowledge to the test and become a professional colleague.”

Hi Rody, Business Development

“We have received a personalized schedule for the first period here at marXact. I like that, because it shows me what I will become familiar with and whom I will meet. This will help me become accustomed with the company and digital surveying real quickly, allowing me to continue with the international plans with a clear mind.”


We’ve always said that we highly value education and skills as a company, it’s amazing that 6 people have recognized that at the same time. Welcome, guys! We’re looking forward to working with and learning from you on a daily basis!

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