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From paella to poffertjes

  • 4 min read

Already one year has passed since we added Antonio to our team. Antonio comes from Antequera, a small village near Málaga, Spain. He works in our development team as a software engineer and loves everything related to food, especially anything sweet or with a lot of sugar. No wonder his second name is Ángel, he really is a sweetheart with all the sugar he’s consuming. Aside from eating all our candy, he’s busy optimizing the UNI-Cloud. Yep, a true angel! As you might know, we have several international colleagues from all over Europe and beyond, himself included. What is it like to move to a different country and live and work with so many different cultures? Let’s find out in this blog.

What have you studied/what is your background?

I studied software engineering in Málaga, Spain. Software engineering is computer science studies with a strong focus on software design, development, and maintenance. After I graduated, I wanted to get more work experience and improve my English. That is what I am also doing here.

Why did you choose the Netherlands?

I liked working in Málaga, but I wanted a new challenge, get new experiences, and live in a new environment to develop my skills. I searched for European countries that are well-developed in IT, open to foreigners, and where they speak sufficient English. The Netherlands is all of that, so the choice was easy. I also always wanted to go to Amsterdam and Rotterdam because of the rich history, sights, and culture.

What are your responsibilities at marXact?

I am a Full Stack Developer. In other words, I work on the software for the UNI and on the marXact Cloud. Next to that, I am also helping and supporting new colleagues in the development department. I guide them through our software and help them with their work.

How do you feel about working with people from all over the world?

I enjoy it, that was one of the reasons why I decided to come to the Netherlands. The people in the Netherlands are very open to internationals. I wanted to learn a new language, experience a different culture, and expand my knowledge. A year later I can happily say that I achieved these goals.

What do you like to do in your free time?

There are so many things I like to do in my free time. I like exercising, staying fit and healthy is very important. I am always eager to learn more and develop myself as a person, develop my knowledge on IT, programming, and everything with tech. And of course, eating. I love eating and cooking, trying new things, especially when I am traveling. That is something else I like, traveling. You can learn many new things, see different places, and grow as a person when traveling.

Have you encountered cultural differences?

To be honest, not that much. Before leaving Spain, I looked for basic knowledge of the Netherlands, but I did not experience that many differences with Spain. Everything went smooth and fine when moving. I like that everything is digital and they speak English very well, that is also helpful. The only thing I can think of is time management. Dutch people are very strict with timing, unlike Spanish people. I am still working on it.

Is there anything you would like to add, maybe even a favorite Dutch word?

Ik vind Nederlands leren leuk. My favorite Dutch word is without a doubt poffertjes. I like to continue discovering the country, both big cities, and smaller villages, but also other countries. For other people who are thinking about moving to another country, I would tell them to go to the Netherlands. The people are easy-going, there is so much you can learn about IT here, and did I mention poffertjes?

, we embrace professionals with different cultures and all kinds of backgrounds. And because of that, we learn something new from each other every single day. Muchas gracias Antonio for all the sweets and for all the good work you do for us. Cheers to more years filled with your knowledge on software, IT, the best food spots, and even sights we Dutchies are not aware of!

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